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Why I like Facebook

You've been hearing the term "social networking" and if you want to know more, be sure to check out Drew Smith's new book Social Networking for Genealogists from Genealogical Publishing Company.

But here is Ol' Myrt's take on all this.

Today, I like Facebook because my nephew uploaded and tagged me in a family pic taken in 1988 as we celebrated Dad's 70th birthday.

Tagging means that Christopher clicked and identified me as one of the individuals in the photo. That got me inspired, and so I pulled out things I have inherited since Dad's death.

Dad is looking up at me, after I had just presented him with two family history binders, my gift to him that year. Notice 1/2 of of the 70th birthday sign on the far right.

The reason Dad is cracking up on the photo is that I am kindly pointing out his "D" in second semester of Oral Expression II -- good daughter that I am. Now, if any of us kids got a "D" on a report card, we were in big-time trouble. It just wasn't allowed in our family. In fact, our father-dad did all he could to have his children believe he was The Absolute All-Knowing, Supreme Ruler of the Earth, not just over our little family, but I digress. Here is a picture of the quilted covers:

In an effort to prove my point about the "D", Ol' Myrt here also snagged a picture of the report card in question, providing my DearREADERs the proof of the pudding. Note there is another grade in question where a "D" was changed to a "C". Where are the CSI lab people when we need them? I've circled the "D" in red below. You can click the photo for an enlarged view if necessary.

Next I rediscovered some of the jewels in these binders including Dad's suede-covered baby book and birth announcement postcard. I recognize his mom's handwriting. We all called her "Gramma Myrtle". She's the one that taught me to make jam using Certo. See: When is raspberry jam NOT just raspberry jam? and Raspberry jam II .

Ol' Myrt here (yes, I use Gramma's name, though hopefully not in vain) had forgotten about the photos in Dad's baby book. Most are quite tiny (1.5 inches X 2 inches) as shown below in these pages for 'baby's first Christmas'.

In the same storage box, not yet unpacked since my 25 Oct 2008 move-in, I run across the following larger 12 X 18 inch portrait of Dad and his sister Beverly. He is just about 2 years old, in my estimation, so that would place this at circa 1920, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Thanks to Facebook, and Christopher's posting of the 70th birthday celebration, this drippy Saturday morning was a fascinating trip down memory lane.

NOTE: Glen Shirl Player was born 15 Sep 1918 in Salt Lake City, Utah, and died 28 Sep 2007 in Medina, Washington. Dad's sister Beverly is still living in Colorado near her daughter. Uncle Jack wasn't yet born, so he isn't in the picture. Their mother, Myrtle Eliza Weiser was born 15 May 1896 in Salt Lake City, Utah and died in Glen's home on 28 Sep1972. Yes, those death dates are exactly 35 years apart to the day, an odd circumstance realized within minutes of Dad's passing.

Missing Dad as we do makes it easier to understand why he teared up at the mere mention of his beloved mother. Dad would tenderly express how much he missed having her around.

Dad's father Shirley Player was born 4 Aug 1888 in Salt Lake City, Utah and died 15 March 1942 in Seattle, Washington. I never knew Grampa Shirley, because he died before I was born. Dad always told me that his father worked hard to support the family with his gas station and garage in downtown Seattle. I am glad Dad learned the lesson (as he called it) that kids need to play with their father-dads, because Dad did play frisbie, swim, water ski, and take us to all sorts of places up on Orcas Island and to the ocean, Yellowstone, Dinseyland, Calgary and Banff Canada.

Ol' Myrt here must stop now, for the tears make it hard to see what I'm typing.

Maybe it is time to think about honoring our mothers and fathers by creating blog entries with old timey pics?!! You can set up your own free blog by simply going to:
Ol' Myrt here recommends using and add only your friends and family so you can keep up with the latest news. Unlike MySpace, where everything you post is out there for anyone to see, the Facebook model offers the option to accept or decline an individual's permission to view anything about you.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.


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