Thursday, June 18, 2009

101 Best Genealogy Web Sites - 2009

After publishing three new blog posts this morning, Ol' Myrt decided to review a few of the genea-blogs before heading out to the Family History Library for a bit of research.

Randy Seaver's Genea-Musings blog noted Family Tree Magazine has just published it's 101 Best Web Sites 2009, so I scrolled down to see what Randy learned about the award winning websites.

And what to my wondering eyes should appear? Not a miniature sleigh and eight tiny reindeer, but a mention of DearMYRTLE!

Funny how Randy always seems to learn about things before Ol' Myrt does! :::giggle:::

Ok, that is 100, what's the 101st? In a class by itself is .

Ol' Myrt here is honored to be listed in the category of 10 Best Cutting-edge Web Sites! Thank-you, Family Tree Magazine. This is the second time you've mentioned my work in your annual list, the first being back in 2000. Oh, the changes we've seen since then.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.


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