Monday, June 01, 2009

FINALLY GET ORGANIZED: June 2009 Checklist

It is with great pleasure that Ol’ Myrt here announces the release of the June 2009 Organization Checklist . This month we officially tackle:

  • Displaying ancestral artifacts
  • Heirloom gardens
  • Scanning old documents

Like many genealogy societies that have turned to digital presentation of their newsletters, these organization checklists are presented in .pdf format, so they will look and print the same on every computer system.

Where possible, Ol’ Myrt here has added clickable links to places on the web. In Acrobat Professional (you may have the free Acrobat Reader) one must hold down the “shift” key when clicking a hyperlink, in order to get to the website in question.

"In the thirteen years of presenting this organization checklist, the June list has been the most popular because of the gardening aspect. People have written to say they never thought about planting snapdragons for their grandchildren's benefit until Ol' Myrt here pointed out this sort of thing becomes a fun family tradition. My grandma Myrtle used to take one segment of the blossom, and demonstrate that it does indeed look like a dragon head. If you pinch & relax the "jaw" joint, the dragon mouth opens and closes, much to the delight of the children."


Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy


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