Monday, July 27, 2009

1925 Nowata Cradle Roll


This morning, Ol' Myrt here was visiting with RL (real life) Illya D'Addezio in SL (Second Life) as he assisted me in development of an soon-to-be-released African American Resource Center at Just Genealogy. (You can befriend Illya in SL as Constantine Kyomoon. Guess we’re all into alter egos now, eh?)

Just before Illya/Constantine left to take his RL walk, he mentioned the latest addition to his website. “The Family Tree Connection genealogy database includes information transcribed by hand, and verified for accuracy, from original documents published between 1830 and 1930 -- including Masonic rosters, rural school and college catalogues, vintage telephone directories, insurance claims, church catalogues, association memberships and much more! This project is all about capturing details about the lives of your ancestors -- from their early years in school, through college and then in their careers and spare time (i.e. hobbies and group activities).”

ITEM ILLUSTRATED ABOVE: The Cradle Roll of the Nowata Church of God Sabbath School, Oct. 18, 1925. [Handwritten, Cradle Roll Birthday and Record Book, Blank Book: Copyright 1907, Hammond Publishing Company, Milwaukee, Wis., Location of Church not listed, Confirmed as Nowata, Oklahoma through the 1930 U.S. Federal Census]. Source: Family Tree Connection: Genealogy Today LLC, 2009.

Illya/Constantine reports he has collected some cradle roll certificates over the years, but this was the first time he’d gotten an actual register that has a page for each month, and then lists the children, when they were born, and when they were enrolled in the cradle roll.

Amazing the impact one person can have in preserving original documents, and making them accessible to researchers on the web. Note that Illya/Constantine took the extra step to confirm WHERE the Nowata Church was, by comparing the 1925 church book entries entries with 1930 US Federal Census Records. That's an extra step that make Illya's work noteworthy.

Happy family tree climbing!

Myrt :)


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