Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Brickwalls chat in Second Life - 6pm tonight

Tonight's the night for our monthly Brick Walls discussion around the fire pit at Just Genealogy in Second Life. We begin at 6pm SLT (Second Life time, which is the same as US Pacific, daylight where applicable.) It's easy to sign up for a free SL account. Just follow Ol' Myrt's directions in the blog entry titled INTERESTED in actually joining Second Life?

Remember to look for me as "Clarise Beaumont" by clicking the "search button" in the lower portion of your Second Life program. Did I mention these chats and access to Second Life are free?

With your help we may just solve some one's brick wall tonight!

7-8pm SLT - Stay late at Just Genealogy to learn how to turn on your voice chat, as we will begin using that interface again on Sunday evening at the Family History Centre.

8-10pm SLT - Mosey on over to the Live Roots Genealogy Zone for the nightly chill out. No agenda, just good friends getting together to chew the fat so to speak.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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