Tuesday, July 14, 2009

EE: Chapter 3 discussion in Second Life tonight

Above is the screen shot of the Just Genealogy fire pit area where we will hold our regular Tuesday evening family history discussions in Second Life (SL). The legend is below:
  • A = the JUST GENEALOGY landing point.
  • B = HeritageBook's cottage. Real life's Craig Scott, owner of Heritage Books, was the founder of Just Genealogy, and the person who got me into genealogy in SL. The cottage has book covers and clickable links to Craig's website.
  • C = the phone booth automatically sends a welcome message to new arrivals.
  • D = the fire pit area, click on a tartan covered cushion to sit and participate.
  • E = the calendar. Click to view the schedule of upcoming topics, dates, times and places in SL where the events take place.
  • F = DearMYRTLE's cottage. Check out the library and hidden Murphy bed.
  • G = Swedish resource center with clickable flags linked to essential resources on the net.
  • H = Norwegian resource center, created by Barbara Collazo, with clickable links to her suggested sites.
  • NOTE: The arrow points to my flowing blond hair as I pause to take the screen shot.


  • WHAT: Evidence Explained - Chapter 3 including how to cite artifacts such as family bibles, inherited paper family group sheets, diaries and journals.
  • WHERE: At the Just Genealogy fire pit area in Second Life (SL)
  • WHEN: 6-7pm SL time, Tuesday 14th July 2009
    (that is US Pacific time, daylight when applicable.)
  • WHY: Because we cannot stop talking about our favorite subject - genealogy.
  • WHO: Anyone who signs up for Second Life and wishes to attend. Its free!
  • HOW: Follow my directions for signing up and logging in to Second Life, found in the blog post titled INTERESTED in actually joining Second Life?.

Once you are online in Second Life, be sure to:

  • Add Clarise Beaumont as your friend, by clicking the SEARCH button in the lower middle of your Second Life Screen. Then type my avatar's name "Clarise Beaumont" (without the quote marks) and view my profile. Click the "add as a friend" button to make your request. The next time I sign on, I'll accept your invitation and add you to the Just Genealogy Group, so you can receive the meeting notices.

  • Go to the Just Genealogy area, by clicking the SEARCH and typing in "Just Genealogy" without quote marks. Scroll through the list to find the location, then double click to teleport to that place in Second Life.

  • Also add Constantine Kyomoon as a friend. He hosts the nightly "chill out" over in his Live Roots Genealogy Zone, as time and interest permits.

Of course you will instantly recognize me "in world" as the vivacious Clarise Beaumont. After all, since I could pick all the attributes for my avatar in Second Life, I decided to go for it. You'd never know that I have six grandchildren with a svelte figure like Clarise's, now would you?

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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