Thursday, July 09, 2009

GenealogyBank: How to print readable articles

Every morning when I have internet access, Ol' Myrt here loves to read other geneablogs to find out what's happening in the world of online (and offline) family history research. Of particular interest is this helpful article by Thomas Jay Kemp in the Official GenealogyBank Blog titled When I print the article - it is too small. I can't read it. What do I do now?

Tom provides screen shots and specific directions for getting it right.

"Newspapers over the past 4 centuries have been printed in all shapes and sizes. That is particularly true of Colonial American newspapers.

GenealogyBank captures each article and page and displays them for you online - making it easy for you to save them as an Adobe PDF document. When you want print or save an article and you see that it is too small to be easily read - simply enlarge it using Adobe Acrobat."

For more information see:

Thanks Tom, for all you do to help the genealogy community. In addition to your work with GenealogyBank, you have long supported librarians serving genealogists through the ALA American Library Association.

Happy family tree climbing!
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