Sunday, July 12, 2009

INTERESTED in actually joining Second Life?

Ol' Myrt here may be a gray-haired grandmother in real life (RL), but I am a svelte blonde in Second Life (SL) as pictured above.

INTERESTED in actually joining Second Life (SL)? It is free. We have a free genealogy chat at the Family History Centre in Second Life tonight (Sunday 5:15pm -6pm SL time. That is the same as US Pacific Time.) We're going to discuss phenomenal growth this weekend at GenealogyWise and the new Genealogists in Second Life Group over there.

1. Go to and create your free account. Be sure to make a note of your screen name and password, so you can use it later when you log in to your account. You will also be choosing an avatar, but don't worry, you can always change your hair style and clothing once you are using the software.From here on in you won't need to go to this website, unless you wish to upgrade your account, check on the land you own, etc.

2. Download & install the free Second Life (SL) software. Did I mention it is free? You'd only need to pay for the service if you decide to own some land and build a home. Universities and other educational institutions have decided to do this, in addition to some of your genealogy friends like Ol' Myrt here.

3. Click the SL icon on your computer to open the program.

4. Type in your avatar's first and last name, and password, then click to log in.

5. Go through a few "practice" exercises to learn how to move your avatar in the Second Life environment. Don't worry, you will get the hang of it.

6. Connect with a few genealogy leaders in Second Life. Click the SEARCH button on the bottom middle portion of the Second Life screen, then type in "CLARISE BEAUMONT" (without quote marks). Once you've selected and are viewing my profile, click the ADD FRIEND button.

Do the same for "CONSTANTINE KYOMOON" and "BARBARA COLLAZO". Next time we log in, we will accept your friendship. This will make it easier for us to communicate when 60,000 other Second Life members are online. NOTE: There are other genealogy hosts, but these three should help get you started.

  • FAMILY HISTORY CENTRE Featuring extensive displays and a weekly genealogy chat.
  • GENEALOGY RESEARCH CENTER ON INFO ISLAND General information on genealogy, genealogical research, monthly meetings and a new display every quarter.
  • JUST GENEALOGY Need we say more? OK - we have a regular hosted chat Tuesday evenings. We also have unhosted Aussie, UK and Swedish drop-in hours. Check out the tartans on the wall (with clickable links to genealogy resources on and off the net.) The Heritage Bookstore is in the little cottage to the south. On permanent display are guides to census, Swedish and Norwegian resources.
  • LIVE ROOTS GENEALOGY ZONE A place for genealogists (newbies, amateurs and professionals) to hang out and explore their ancestry and heritage. Home of the free Genealogy HUD, Family History Village and Library. Affordable rental cottages available. Nightly "chill out" get togethers in the gazebo.
  • UGG - UNION OF GENEALOGY GROUPS Here you will find landmarks to he genealogy sites in Second Life -- most have how-to displays, some hold weekly chats or host regular office hours.
So, GET A SECOND LIFE, genealogists!

We look forward to meeting you!

Did I mention SL is free?

Clarise Beaumont (my Second Life Avatar name)

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