Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Live Roots in Second Life

Several have written for specific directions to the Live Roots Genealogy Zone in Second Life (SL), my previous blog entry today explains there is a nightly "chill out" for genealogists from 8-10pm SL time each evening, hosted by Constantine Kyomoon & friends. (Remember SL time is the same as US Pacific Time.)

Pictued above is the Live Roots Gazebo to the right of my Clarise Beaumont Second Life avatar. The Live Roots little red school house is on my left.

Here's how to get to the Live Roots Genealogy Zone, using the format I've adopted this past week as requested by the newbies who've contacted me via GenealogyWise.com:

Once you are online in Second Life, be sure to:

  • Add Constantine Kyomoon as your friend, by clicking the SEARCH button in the lower middle of your Second Life Screen. Then type his avatar's name "Constantine Kyomoon" (without the quote marks) and view his profile. Click the "add as a friend" button to make your request. The next time Con signs on, he'll accept your invitation and add you to the Live Roots genealogy group, so you can receive his meeting notices.
  • Go to the Live Roots area, by clicking the SEARCH and typing in "Live Roots" without quote marks. Scroll through the list to find the location, then double click to teleport to that place in Second Life.
  • (optional) Also add Clarise Beaumont as a friend. I'll add you to the Just Genealogy group so you can receive those meeting notices as well.
It isn't necessary to ask anyone in Second Life to be your friend, nor join any groups. Any member of Second Life (its free!) is welcome to attend the genealogy chats and tour the genealogy places in Second Life.

Alternately, you may SEARCH for the area in question, and click to teleport therer. If you like the place and wish to return in the future, click WORLD (on the top left menu bar) and select CREATE LANDMARK HERE.

During future visits in Second Life, you may click the INVENTORY button (on the bottom right corner of your Second Life screen) and double click on the landmark to teleport to JUST GENEALOGY or LIVE ROOTS, etc.. That saves you from having to search every time you enter Second Life.

So after tonight's Just Genealogy discussion of Evidence Explained, why not drop in and chat with the gang at the gazebo in Live Roots? If you've been following along with this week's Second Life blog entries, you now have three genealogy places to explore and hang out!


Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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