Monday, July 13, 2009

MyHeritage: photo tagging and new slideshow

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From: Gilad Japhet Founder and CEO,
I wanted to let you know about new photo features we've added to MyHeritage this week. All the new features are free.

First, we've released a new photo tagging system. MyHeritage has pioneered face recognition technology to tag photos on the Internet, and our new tagging system is the fastest and easiest to use. Tagging photos (annotating who appears in them) makes your photos more enjoyable to view and share: your family members will get labels that explain who appears in every photo, which is useful for genealogy photos, and your photos will become automatically organized by person. You can see some screenshots of the new tagging system on our blog. It's easy to get started: upload some family photos to your site and then try out the tagging system on your photos.

Our users have uploaded more than 50 million photos to their family sites so far, including old historical photos of ancestors and recent pictures of the younger generations.

This week, we've added cool new slideshows for you to show off your photos to your family members and friends using beautiful animations. It's very easy to use. Just enter the new slideshow center on your site, pick which person or album to showcase, select one of our seven amazing new slideshow effects, enjoy the slideshow and then hit the 'Share' button to send it to your loved ones. But first, you'll need to upload some photos to your site.

Here are two examples so you can see how lovely these slideshows could be for you: Slideshow example 1 – my daughter Slideshow example 2 – my oldest living relative Nechemia Starting this week, you can also email photos directly to your family site. Your photos will be stored for safekeeping on the family site, where you can share them easily with all the family, tag them and create beautiful slideshows for sharing them. You can also send photos from any mobile phone as most of them can take pictures and send them by email.

A security system is in place, so set up email and mobile upload for your site here, it takes less than a minute and all instructions are included.


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