Sunday, July 12, 2009

SL FHCentre chat 5:15pm TONIGHT

The previous blog entry explained what to do if you are INTERESTED in actually joining Second Life. Now, Ol' Myrt here cordially invites you to a genealogy chat tonight at the Second Life. If you haven't chosen your avatar and screen name, do so in advance of the meeting. Ol' Myrt here, disguised as the mild-mannered Clarise Beaumont, will be online the hour before the meeting to assist newbies.
  • WHERE: Family History Centre in Second Life
  • WHAT: Chat (typed, but some voice chat capabilities)
  • WHEN: Sunday 12 July 2009, 5:15pm Second Life Time (That is US Pacific Daylight time)
  • TOPIC: (much ado about this new phenomenon.)
  • HOST: Clarise Beaumont (that is the name of my avatar in SL)

Future scheduled Sunday night chat topics include:
  • Merging databases: watch out for pitfalls
  • FamilySearch Helper: what is that?
  • GoogleBooks Search: new refinements
  • Social Networking: 21 century methodology
  • National Archives (US) Videos and (UK) Podcast

Newbies can get to the Family History Centre in Second Life by:

  • Clicking to open the software on their computer (originally downloaded from )
  • Typing in your avatar's first and last name, and password.
  • Clicking to login to Second Life.
  • Clicking the SEARCH button in the lower middle portion of the Second Life screen.
  • Typing in "Family History Centre" (Without quote marks, note British spelling!)
  • Clicking to have your avatar teleported to the Family History Centre.

Remember, if you sign on at about 4:15pm I'll be online at the Family History Centre to greet you. Here's an aerial shot of the building, showing the front porch, where we sit on wicker chairs and discuss our favorite topic -- genealogy!

Clarise Beaumont (my Second Life Avatar name)

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