Thursday, July 30, 2009

Texas library receives weather damage

It breaks Ol' Myrt's heart to hear of a library receiving damage from violent weather, but this case really hits home. Second Life (SL) friends reported last night that while our SL associate Kaylee Korbitza is OK, her real life workplace has received damage from recent Texas storms.

See: Closed Until Further Notice: Part of library roof collapses; no injuries reported by Wayne Stewart. The Palestine Herald. 30 July 2009.

City officials were then notified and the Palestine Fire Department responded to the library to make sure everything was safe enough for people to go in and get those valuable assets out of that portion of the building, as the roof on the southeast portion of the library was sinking.

“We had just gotten a new roof about a year ago,” Herrington said. “Right now that is the only thing that’s holding the ceiling up.” The special, “rubberized” roof had kept any water from entering the library.

Let's pray that things are repaired quickly and that researchers and employees may return back to work.

God speed, dear Kaylee.

Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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