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My friend Duane Lempke's WWII memorial photo book titled TRIBUTE has won the gold in the publishing world. Congrats to Duane who writes:
"On Friday, the 29th of May, I boarded the Acela train at Union Station in Washington DC and three hours later arrived in Penn Station in downtown Manhattan. What transpired that wonderful weekend in New York I have tried to capture in 66 images now seen in the "TRIBUTE Wins IPPY Award" gallery of my website, Grab a cup of coffee and sit back, enjoy the trip. By clicking in the lower right hand corner of the first image, the images will be enlarged on your screen. Feel free to pause and study the "outstanding books of the year."

Newbie DearREADERS should know that Duane is retired military, and is now a professional photographer. His award-winning book about the World War II Memorial in Washington DC first caught Ol Myrt's eye this past winter. The special limited edition copies of TRIBUTE are sold exclusively by the TRIBUTE 4 foundation and it is through family, veterans and friends telling others about the book that get it into the hands of our "greatest generation." Have you ordered your copy ... or visited the Memorial lately?

Ol' Myrt here cherishes her copy of TRIBUTE, and did indeed visit the WWII Memorial on Memorial Day 2009. Just this past week another WWII veteran has passed away from within my circle of friends, namely Thomas B. Smart, MD, a good family friend, one who was a great support to me personally during my father's illness and subsequent death.

We are loosing the greatest generation at the rate of 1,000 per day. It is our duty as family historians to preserve history and the knowledge of the past. TRIBUTE can go a long way toward accomplishing that task.


Veterans Day is coming up soon.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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