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FamilySearch: 3 Sept 2009 update

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3 September 2009

August was a banner month for FamilySearch Indexing. Twenty five (25) projects were completed and 19 new projects were added, including 10 international. A Swedish interface was also added to accommodate new Sweden church records projects. Completed projects will published at FamilySearch’s Record Search pilot for online viewing.

New Projects Added in August

· Argentina, Mendoza, San Juan—Censo 1869

· Canada, British Columbia—Deaths, 1872–1986

· Chile, Concepción—Registros Civiles, 1885–1903 [Parte 1]

· Mexico, DF—Registros Parroquiales, 1898–1933 [Parte 2]

· Mexico, Hidalgo—1930 Federal Censo

· Mexico, Jalisco—1930 Federal Censo

· Nicaragua, Managua—Registros Civiles, 1879–1984 [Parte 1]

· Sverige, Södermanland—Kyrkoböcker, till 1860 [Del 1]

· Sverige, Uppsala—Kyrkoböcker, till 1860 [Del 1]

· Sverige, Örebro—Kyrkoböcker, till 1860 [Del 1]

· U.S., Arkansas—County Marriages, 1837–1957 [VII]

· U.S., Indiana, Benton County—Marriages, 1811–1959

· U.S., Indiana, Ohio County—Marriages, 1811–1959

· U.S., Iowa—1920 Federal Census

· U.S., Ohio—1920 Federal Census

· U.S., Texas—1920 Federal Census

· U.S., Utah, Salt Lake County—Birth Registers, 1890–1908

· U.S., West Virginia—1920 Federal Census

· U.S., Wisconsin—1920 Federal Census

Recently Completed Projects

(Note: Recently completed projects have been removed from the available online indexing batches and will now go through a final completion check process in preparation for future publication.)

· Argentina, Jujuy, Salta, Tucuman—1869 Censo

· Australia, NSW—Bounty Immigrants, 1828–1842

· Australia, Sydney—Cemetery Inscriptions, 1800–1960

· Belgique, Charleroi—Registres des Décès, 1851-1900

· Canadian 1861 Census

· Mexico, DF—Registros Parroquiales, 1886–1933 [Parte 1]

· Mexico, Yucatan—1930 Federal Censo

· Nicaragua, Managua—Registros Civiles, 1879–Present

· Perú, Lima—Registros Civiles, 1910–1930 [Parte 1]

· U.S.—Freedmen Marriages, 1861–1869

· U.S., Arkansas—County Marriages, 1837–1957 [IV]

· U.S., Arkansas—County Marriages, 1837–1957 [VI]

· U.S., Delaware—Birth Records, 1861–1922

· U.S., Georgia—Deaths, 1930

· U.S., Indiana, Adams County—Marriages, 1811–1959

· U.S., Minnesota—1885 State Census

· U.S., Oklahoma—1920 Federal Census

· U.S., Oregon—1920 Federal Census

· U.S., Pennsylvania—1920 Federal Census

· U.S., Tennessee—1920 Federal Census

· U.S., Utah, Salt Lake County—Death Certificates, 1940

· U.S., Virginia—1920 Federal Census

· U.S., Washington—1920 Federal Census

· U.S., Washington—County Marriages, 1858–1950

· U.S., Wyoming—1920 Federal Census

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