Thursday, October 22, 2009

Nebraska Sod House?

Window to the past

In sorting through pics taken during our honeymoon last month, Ol' Myrt found these three taken of a replica sod house in Nebraska at a spot called Windlass Hill Pioneer Homestead. If someone doesn't re-mud the walls, this window into the past will go to the wayside. I can only imagine the lifestyle of the inhabitants of such homes. A winter day would take on all sorts of chilly and isolated connotations if living in such a place.
Do you have an ancestor who lived in a sod house in Nebraska?
Do you have pics of real sod houses? I'd like to feature such pictures in follow-up blog entries, complete with a paragraph or two about the ancestors you discovered living in these interesting domiciles. From what I've read, later models were considered much more luxurious with the addition of movable shutters and whitewashed exterior walls.
After traveling back and forth across Nebraska, I can see why the typical building method in the 1800s was this form of sod and mud. Trees were not plentiful. In fact, I have an ancestor born "under Lone Tree, on the plains of Nebraska".
Do write to Ol' Myrt, and enclose a pic of the sod houses that are part of your family history. Together we can create a tribute to your pioneering ancestors.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
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