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From: Donna

RE: Winter Quarters: circa 1846-1849 ancestral gleanings

There is a wonderful museum in Corydon, Iowa about the Mormon Trail and the writing of the song "Come, Come, Ye Saints". It is the Prairie Trails Museum of Wayne County, Iowa and the web address is Click on "Mormon Trail Exhibit" to see photos. Put together by the Wayne County Historical Society, the exhibit puts you in the shoes of those early pioneers of 1846, struggling through the knee-deep mud and tall prairie grasses to seek religious freedom.

The Mormon Pioneer National Historic Trail is marked across Iowa by over 100 signs, and described at on the National Park Service web site.

The pioneer story is also well told at by clicking on A-Z Index in the top tool bar, and then on "Pioneer Story" in the P's.

THANKS for sharing these websites with Ol' Myrt and her readers. While on my honeymoon in September of this year, Gordon and I visited many of the historical trail markers along the Mormon Trail between Nauvoo and Salt Lake City. Some are more memorable than others -- Chimney Rock and Scotts' Bluff in Nebraska come to mind. But each bore a silent testimony to those who had gone on before.

Many will appreciate the last phrase of the hymn you mention by William Clayton -- "All is well, All is well".

That has been a comforting tune for me to sing when rocking my little ones to sooth their fevered brows, after the doctor's had provided the best Rx for an earache or some such malady. Having penicillin is a miracle of modern days, isn't it?

Thinking back on the problems I had as a young mother, I at least had a comfortable roof over my head and food on the table. My most distressing thought about housekeeping might have been when the automatic clothes washer broke down while doing a load of those old-fashioned cloth diapers that pre-date the current disposable style.

That was nothing, compared to giving birth on the windswept plains or washing clothing at the riverside on rocks.

PS - Keep those emails coming about your ancestors and SOD HOUSES. It is amazing what my DearREADERS have come up with already. I'll be posting a follow-up article shortly.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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