Sunday, October 25, 2009


RE: NARA statement on improving services

From: Harold McClendon Jr (via Facebook)
I suggest you read the press release again. We are still losing half of the space to exhibits and a gift shop. We still lose the lecture room G-24. It is to be replaced by another room at some location that has yet to be identified. The consultants will be moved into the Library in the open space. It is not like Archives 2 because the consultants on the second floor, at least with the military record, have a separate room in the research area.

Have you ever tried to work with a consultant in that room? There is no privacy at all. As you are sitting at the table trying to talk to the consultant, there is another individual sitting beside you waiting for an opening to get the consultant's attention.

The only battle we have won is that we get to keep the microfilm for the time being. If the number of people researching at the Archives does not increase, we will loose all of the first floor.

THANKS for an insider's view of the change of space challenges at the National Archives.

How I wish more people would use the National Archives (US) for on site research. Newbies tend to think that everything is online, but
that simply isn't true for those of us who've progressed in our research beyond the federal census enumerations and a few military records . What's available in scanned image format is a drop in the bucket compared to the valuable documents that detail the history of our country, and the part our ancestors played in the process.

Thanks, Harold, for speaking up. I bow to your experience and thoughts on this controversy.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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