Monday, January 04, 2010

Starting your own blog: Why

You've probably wondered about how a blog could possibly enhance your personal genealogical research.

Well, a Second Life friend writes:
"I'd like to invite you to visit my new blog, Desperately Seeking Meglones, covering the Kentucky Meglones. I have been busy at work trying to determine my family's Meglone heritage and now have enough research accumulated to share with others and get their feedback."
This new blogger has talked about the use of and the pros and cons of creating your own blog while sitting around the fire pit at Just Genealogy and on the porch at the Family History Centre (both destinations in Second Life). The following points have emerged:
  • is a free blog site, so your blog will cost you NOTHING.
  • provides an easy interface to design the colors & layout.
  • Blogger is owned by Google, so your live (not draft) postings will be indexed by Google often within 5-7 minutes of your clicking the "publish" button.
  • Your Google Gmail account also provides for tons of graphic image storage space.
  • Adding scanned images of documents is a cinch with the Blogger interface.
  • Adding hyperlinks to other websites is also just a click away.
  • Your blog can be private, invitation-only or public. You decide.
  • Comments can be allowed, moderated by you, or disallowed. You decide.
  • Advertising is allowed or disallowed. You decide.
  • If "public", your blog may unearth another research working up the same family tree.
  • You may edit or delete blog entries. You decide.
NOTICE there are a lot of "You decide" options?

Certainly there are alternatives to Blogger for those wishing to start a blog. It is just that Ol' Myrt here got started with Blogger on the advice of an old friend, Bret Lang. I've stuck with Blogger throughout the years. And it is easiest for me to discuss Blogger.

SO, back to the WHY of creating your own blog and how it relates to Desperately Seeking Meglones: You can see that in December 2009, 29 entries were posted, yet the announcement about the new blog only came out today. GREAT idea -- get a few blog entries under your belt. Blogging about an lineage problem can often help you work through it "on paper" so-to-speak. Also others may spot something you hadn't with the very documents you've included as evidence in a blog posting.

Blogging about ancestors is one of the BEST ways of honoring an ancestor by describing his life and times - and providing this information so others can freely benefit.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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