Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Utah: Professional mentoring from ICAPGen

NOTE from DearMYRTLE: The following is cross-posted with permission from our friends at ICAPGen. This may be just what Utah area genealogists are looking for when attempting to fine-tune plans for becoming accredited through this well-regarded organization.

From: Tristan Yeayman Tolman
We would like to make you aware of some mentoring classes sponsored by the International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists (ICAPGen). These classes are geared to help genealogists choose a research project, prepare an acceptable application, and prepare to take and pass the accreditation exam.

There will be two different mentoring groups offered, one in Utah County and one in Salt Lake County. Both will be taught by Accredited Genealogist professionals, both will meet monthly, and both will follow the same basic schedule, which is as follows:

1 – Filling Out The Application – Hours of Experience (local and national areas), Using Repositories

2 – Reference Materials and Document Recognition: State-Specific Research Portfolios; Original Sources; Complied Sources

3 – Documents: Extract, Transcribe, Translate, and Analyze

4 – History, Geography, Maps, and Transportation

5 – Choosing a Project; Methodology

6 – Online Resources

7 – Evidence and Citations

8 – Pedigree Analysis

9 – Report Writing

10 – 1 ½ hour research projects

11 – Application Review and Oral Defense

12 – Make-Up Class (if Needed)

The Utah County mentoring group will be held at BYU in the Harold B. Lee Library, in the Learning Resource Center on the south end of the fourth floor, room 4826. The group will meet on the second Tuesday of each month from 7:00 – 8:00 p.m.

The Salt Lake County mentoring group will be held at the Family History Library at 35 S. West Temple Street, on floor B2 in room B-2. The group will meet on the second Wednesday of each month from 12:00 – 1:00 p.m.

There is no charge to participate in either mentoring group, and anyone is invited to attend, but space is limited, so if you are interested, please contact Tristan Tolman, ICAPGen Public Relations, through facebook to reserve a spot. Please provide your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address, and indicate which group you would like to join and what area you are planning to accredit in (if known).

We anticipate these mentoring groups to be a great success. If you have questions about them, please direct them to Tristan Tolman or Kelly Summers through facebook.

The ICAPGenSM service mark and the Accredited Genealogist® and AG® are registered marks of the International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists.

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