Thursday, March 11, 2010

African American Webinar TODAY

This just in via Twitter from GeorgeGeder

"Tony Burroughs, 1 of world’s foremost genealogists, “Avoid Traps in African American Genealogy.” webinar today!
The link George provides is to the registration form at where you can also find out more about the topic and the presenter. There is also assistance if you haven't attended an webinar before. You must have javascript and cookies enabled to complete registration. Click here for Help.

Here's your chance to learn from one of the best:

Speaker: Tony Burroughs, FUGA
Tony Burroughs is an internationally known genealogist, author and former adjunct genealogy professor at Chicago State University. He lectures throughout the United States and Canada on all aspects of genealogy. Tony was a guest expert on Oprah’s Roots (PBS 2007) and African American Lives with Henry Louis Gates (PBS 2006). He has received many honors including the Distinguished Service Award from the National Genealogical Society and Fellow of the Utah Genealogical Association.

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