Saturday, May 01, 2010

Cool Tool:

Ol' Myrt here just discovered a powerful new tool to help genealogists (and other intrepid researchers) keep track of paragraphs and docs found on the web.

It is way more than a bookmarking mechanism. If you are like me you have hundreds of bookmarks in your web browser, but it takes too long to scroll through the list. If you are searching on a different computer, those bookmarks aren't available.

Unfortunately, web browser bookmarks are for specific pages, not for a specific sentence, paragraph or graphic somewhere at the bottom of a lengthy web page.

It is, a free online tool, where if you know how to hi-lite text with your mouse, you can use this service. Once you've joined the service, you down the toolbar for your browser then you're ready to go! You can now:

  • Visit a website & Hi-Lite specific lines of text or graphics to save to your profile.
  • When saving, you can use existing categories or create your own categories (perhaps one for each family name, ancestor, book report for the kids, etc.)
  • You can later recall, search and browse your Hi-Lited text/graphics from multiple websites by logging in to your free space on the website.
  • Search your Hi-Lited text and graphics even if the original website has been removed.
  • Click to return to your favorite Hi-Lited web pages, to continue research.
  • If you are using a library computer and need to check your list, just log in at to review your
  • If a web page has been removed, you still have the info you've saved to your profile.
The way provides the service for free is by accepting advertising, though for a small annual fee, users may turn off the advertising. If you have multiple projects, you can select a multiple pen option for a small fee per year, though you can accomplish the same task by creating a category for each surname or topic of your choosing.

Right now the service works on my favorite Mozilla Firefox web browser, but this summer tool bars will be released for Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari.

When Ol' Myrt here downloaded the toolbar file, I didn't realize Firefox would like me to simply drag and drop the file from my download folder to any Firefox page. This readily installed the tool bar where I could log in, and begin Hi-Liting.

This is a five-star, must-have service to keep track of the text and graphics you want to remember from the web.

A "two thumbs up" service for anyone researching on the web! prevents information overload. Now there will be be no wrong turns on the information super highway. This invaluable tool will help you recall where you've been before, easily accessing specific lines of text or graphics you've added to your profile.

Searching through your profile by category or query, you can easily recall those important notes you plan to use in an upcoming ancestral profile, society newsletter, report, etc. The possibilities are endless.

AWESOME idea, David.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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