Tuesday, May 04, 2010

EasyNetSites will solve your web presence problems

Ol' Myrt here made it a point to meet the vendors who were new to me, while attending the National Genealogical Society's annual conference in Salt Lake City last week. One new service will be invaluable for those societies, family organizations and individuals who wish to improve their "web presence" by easily creating a website and updating pages from any computer -- EasyNetSites.com

My friend Jody, first told me about this service, and I see that one of the Genealogy Guys has set up his affiliated website using this service.

EasyNetSites Solves Your Website Puzzle!

EasyNetSites puts the creative power in your hands and solves your website
puzzle by making you the webmaster. The skills you’ll need to create,
maintain and update your website are the ability to fill in a simple form and
click a mouse! Our simple, intuitive program makes it a breeze to manage
page content and our easy “editing permissions system” allows you to assign
specific update responsibilities to selected individuals.

With EasyNetSites, you’ll have a full-featured website at an easily
affordable, budget price. Among the many powerful features of an
EasyNetSite is the ability to send your newsletter or other messages as
desired, as often as you like, to all your members in a single “blast email!”
Imagine the money you’ll save in printing and postage costs! It’s enough to
pay for your site in a few short months.

Each EasyNetSite is customized to meet your specific needs using modular
components. You choose the features you want included. Every page of
your site has built-in editing functions to control the content with “type and
click” ease.

EasyNetSites is committed to your satisfaction and the success of your
website. We work closely with you to customize your site. We offer a
design service for a fresh, updated look as well as professional writing and
data entry services. You’ll find whatever your website needs --
EasyNetSites can take the pressure off.

Call us today! 813.674.4400 or email AskUs@EasyNetSites.com. Let us
solve your website problems. Then, rest easy as you say... “Puzzle Solved!”

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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