Thursday, May 06, 2010

FamilyInsight: New file formats

For those of you curious about using Family Insight to bridge to newFamilySearch, you'll be interested to note the following from the 1 May 2010 Family Insight newsletter:

FamilyInsight: Adding New File Formats

We are also currently beta testing a version that will work with Family Tree Maker 2010 file and Ancestral Quest file formats. We are in development of versions that will work directly with RootsMagic and Legacy files. You will be able to use FamilyInsights Compare and Sync to compare your PAF file to your cousins RootsMagic file. You will be able to trim and save a file for your aunt that works with her program even if you use a different program.

What does this mean? Do I need to stop using PAF? This means that you can use the program that works best for your needs and still have access to FamilyInsight. If PAF is your favorite program then by all means keep using PAF 5. If you like one of the other programs then you can choose the program that is best for you. We are often asked which program is best. There is no one database manager that is the best for everyone. We do not recommend one program over another. In the future we will be offering other programs on our website, but it will still be up to you to make the choice of which program you want for your personal use. They all have their own strengths and the easiest to use for one person may not be the easiest for someone else.

We are actively searching for Mac programs to work directly with their files. Family Tree Maker has announced that they will be releasing a Mac Version and we will work with that program when it is released. We are also pursuing other Mac options to work with.

Now that Get My Ancestors is in the Tools menu of FamilyInsight, you will be able to save your Get My Ancestors file in any of the formats that FamilyInsight saves to. This is only applicable to the version that is in the tools menu of FamilyInsight. The Get My Ancestors stand alone program will only save to a PAF file.

We look forward to adding more formats in the future to FamilyInsight.

It is also good to review the webinars hosted by Ohana, located at:

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