Tuesday, June 22, 2010

REAL GeneaBloggers don't SPLOG

Each month Ol' Myrt here spends about 5 hours dealing with sploggers - unscrupulous folks who take articles from legitimate bloggers and cross-post them on their own websites. Such websites cut down on DearMYRTLE click-throughs, and damage my page ranking -- not to mention that I'd really like 5 more hours a month for creative blogging.

THANKS to footnoteMaven's blog entry yesterday Splog Happens, I find someone else is at it again.

To fM I replied:
I work through about 10 such "news aggregating" or fake genealogy blogging sites [each month]. They steal our genealogy blog content to supposedly legitimize the fact that they have tons of ads and click-throughs to genealogy sites and products.

COMMENTS have now been turned off, so THAT isn't a way to communicate [with these folks]. We shall see what happens when I use their CONTACT CGI script on the website to express my views to the owner of RootsFeed.

Who needs RootsFeed when we have Google, etc.?

To RootsFeed.com via their contact page Ol' Myrt here wrote:

Please remove any mention of DearMYRTLE's blog entries from your site RootsFeed.com.

You did NOT ask my permission to distribute info from my website.

Having my DearMYRTLE blog entries on your site implies acceptance of your process.

I see RootsFeed.com as merely a front for advertising links that put money in your pocket, thereby robbing those of us legitimate bloggers from the best results of our efforts. THAT IS an infraction of our copyright.

The Genea-bloggers of the world have shut down bigger guns than you before. Ask Ancestry.com about their American Biographical Collection.

Just because we have the technology doesn't mean it is moral or ethical to use it.

Cease and desist. It is 11:04am Mountain Daylight time 22 June 2010. We shall see how long it takes for you to reply to my request.

While this pesky subject may not appeal to the hard core researchers among my DearREADERS, it is necessary from time to time for a genea-blogger to express personal opinions, political or otherwise. See what these folks have to say about it:

Interestingly enough, while composing this blog entry denouncing splogging -- another genea-blogger wrote to inquire if he could cross-post a funny story Ol' Myrt here told in one of this week's blog entries. (With a link and full attribution no less!)

That just goes to show ya...
REAL GeneaBloggers don't splog.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.


  1. You've been given the Ancestor Approved award - please go to http://bit.ly/eUauab to get it

  2. I take a contrary point of view here. Where does their traffic come from? I don't think they have any except for genealogists chasing them around the block. It's an automated setup that takes 5 minutes and they 'hope' someone will come along and click on an ad. IMO.

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