Thursday, July 01, 2010

CC (Gist) & LJ Froman graves


During this week-long genealogy research trip we've learned much. For instance, today I've been to the gravesite of CC Froman [Cecil Cernan], wife of Lorenzo James FROMAN at the Stony Point Presbyterian churchyard on Highway O off of Highway 169 southeast of Grayson in Clinton County, Missouri.

CC was born 3 July 1812 in Andrew County, Kentucky, daughter of William and Margaret (Tennill) GIST, of the early Maryland Gist family of Christopher and Edith (Cromwell) GIST, and CC died 9 July 1980 in Clinton County, Missouri.

LJ Froman's side of the tombstone was very difficult to read. (All the more reason to get out there, DearREADERS, and take photos of these old gravestones before they totally waste away!)
He was born 30 Sep 1810 in Hardin County, Kentucky and died 2 Oct 1877 in Clinton County, Missouri. He served as a judge for the county and later as an assessor.

LJ had donated the land and a small log cabin for the Stony Point church. Subsequently the minister married CC and LJ. At the time the spot was in Clay County, Missouri.

We're off to the Clinton County courthouse in Plattsburg, Missouri. We'll also check out the local public library.

Happy family tree climbing!
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