Thursday, July 08, 2010

"Print Friendly" option now available

Following the example of the GeneaBloggers group, Ol' Myrt here has recently added "Print Friendly" to my DearMYRTLE blog. This means that as you explore my site, you can now print out your favorite blog entries without the antique pink DearMYRTLE blog graphic taking up a lot of space on the top of your printout. Think of all the ink you'll save! Using "Print Friendly" also means you won't be printing page after page of the side bar links and advertisements. Think of all the paper you'll save!

Print-Friendly is a free service that can be used in several ways:

  1. Add the "Print-Friendly" button to your web browser ~ to change your view of any website to a print friendly version.
  2. Web designers & bloggers add the "Print-Friendly" option to their site ~ so visitors can click the "Print-Friendly" button for streamlined prints of the page.
  3. Copy/paste a URL in the form on the "Print-friendly" website ~ to temporarily change the look of a web page for streamlined printing.
Ol' Myrt here chose Option #2, so that visitors to my blog can click the button under my signature and print JUST the blog entry (with or without pictures I may have included in the text.)

Here is a non-working example of the graphic to look for under my signature on all my blog entries posted at

See a YouTube overview of the service.

Here's a sample of the first page of a print out of one of today's DearMYRTLE blog entries:

Below find the "Print Friendly" version. Note you have the option to print, convert to .pdf, email or Tweet the blog entry. Adding a check mark toward the far right will remove the images. However in the case of this article about street signs, you may elect to keep the graphics.

If you'd like to add "Print Friendly" to your blog or web browser, visit their site at:

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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