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The best part about being "DearMYRTLE" is the feedback Ol' Myrt here receives from my DearREADERS. I learn so much, and your challenges & triumphs encourage me.

RE: What I Do Meme
From: Groce
Thank You! Thank You! I just downloaded the trial of GenSmarts.

I've been doing family history since 1988 but I have ADD and now that I'm getting older, CRS as well.'s unfortunate search function defeats me, as it does so many people. I do paid research from time to time for an online genealogy company. Problems much? But I manage.

GenSmarts has already, in less than an hour, found useful data about my grandmother (b 1868).

This program will change my life. Thank you so much for yesterday's column.

I'll make sure that Aaron Underwood receives a copy of this compliment. He designed GenSmarts to help his Dad with his research. The program suggests possible matches on multiple websites among other things. Wish that it dovetailed with the Family History Library Catalog, though.
Myrt :)

RE: A Marriage License isn't a Marriage Return
From: Louise
When I found the application for marriage license for my grandparents in Nov. 1900, I noticed the lower portion about marriage return was not filled in.

About the same time I found an article in the local newspaper in July 1903 titled RETURN NOT MADE ON SOME MARRIAGES. The article stated that ministers who perform marriage ceremonies have not made returns to county clerk. It may be necessary to prove the fact. Their names were one of the list.

I guess that they didn't return to prove that they were married as I assume there would be a note to the fact. They didn't live in the city of the county clerk's office. They probably didn't see the notice in the newspaper or couldn't afford to subscribe.

Would there have been a notation made in another place?

Anyway they were married in the church and raised ten children.

I enjoy reading your blogs, but I don't like you calling yourself Old Myrt.

I doubt many of us or our ancestors keep checking back with the courthouse where we obtained our marriage licenses to ensure that the records are safely kept for all to view in subsequent generations. In fact some ancestors slipped off to "Gretna Green" places where the news of their nuptials would escape detection by contemporaries.

It is a big challenge -- finding evidence of our ancestors' lives, isn't it? I am glad you were able to document the marriage through the church records, and the arrival of the ten children. We should all be so lucky as to have alternative record groups to provide evidence.

Sometimes I feel that my brick wall Dolly (Yockey) Weiser just doesn't want to be found -- as records for her parentage and youth must have surely fallen into a black hole.

PS - All comments about my age from my grandson Tannon aside, we're only as young as we feel. Thanks for the pep talk.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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