Friday, July 30, 2010

Sharing -- We Learned That in Kindergarten

Have you made a cousin connection because of a blog posting? Finding distant relatives because of the Internet isn't all that usual these days.

After yesterday's posting Write as you have never written before... I'd like to spotlight the Irish Mason Musings & Meanderings blog by fellow Tweeter and Genea-Blogger 'Irish Mason'. This blog is a great example of using free web resources to share your personal and family history. Hopefully more than your immediate family will benefit. You may even find that distant cousin who inherited more family photos or the infamous missing family bible.

You'll specifically enjoy Irish Mason's blog entry titled Treasure Chest Thursday - Priceless, Non Tangible - Stories.

Click to visit .

How is it that we are so blessed to be the story tellers -- the keepers of family traditions? In other cultures we might be called Shamans, or the wise ones (I particularly like that!)  

We know the old stories, recipes and remedies; we remember the ancestors; and most of all we LOVE to share traditions from days gone by.

I think sharing these stories via blogs is a great way to extend the sharing beyond our immediate family members. That way any one can find us, and learn more about an ancestor we've mentioned in a blog.

CREATE your blog in 3 EASY Steps

Step 1 - Go to & sign in with your Gmail account.
Select Create a Blog.

Step 2 - Name your blog & click continue.

Step 3 - Choose a template (They've got many to choose from.)

Your blog is then created, and you can click to start blogging.

This is a screen shot of the blogging form Ol' Myrt used to create this blog entry.
It looks like an email program where you type in a subject line.
You may add photos, videos and hyperlinks to other websites to any blog entry.
There are no rules, except to play nice. You may write as frequently or infrequently as desired. You can limit readers to those you invite (family only?) or open your blog for the entire world to read to create possibilities for reaching unknown distance relatives with the same ancestors.

Look for GeneaBlogger posts -- Treasure Chest Thursdays as more and more  genealogists share family stories, heirlooms and treasures through their blogs. The scanned images of family docs, photos, heirlooms, gravestones, diaries, clothing, etc will certainly inspire your own blogging efforts.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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