Thursday, July 08, 2010

What I Do Meme

Thomas MacEntee of GeneaBloggers started a new meme and he is "hoping the genealogy blogging community will pick it up since he feels the knowledge that it can impart and share with the community is important.

The meme: called What I Do and you basically list what you use in terms of technology to either run your genealogy business or pursue your family history as a hobby." Click here to see what other GeneaBloggers Do.
Here's what Ol' Myrt here uses to get things done.

* Hardware: 2 PC desktops (Windows XP and Windows Vista) 2 laptops (Windows XP and Windows Vista). Each have only 2 gig ram and Intel dual processors, and I'm planning to purchase a new desktop with 8 gig ram. My desktop in Salt Lake has two 22 inch monitors that are particularly helpful when doing online research on one screen and incorporating that into my genealogy database on the other screen.

* External storage: 2 Terrabyte with USB connection.

* Online storage: private area on my DearMYRTLE website, MS Office Live for 2 book collaboration projects, Google Docs for quick exchange of files, Google's Picasa for photo storage.

* Backup: routine weekly full, incremental daily via Mozy. I also back up to a second external hard drive.

* Firewall: Norton Internet 360

* Virus protection: Norton Internet 360 and weekly online scan from Panda Software

* Spyware: Norton Internet 360

* File cleaner: Norton Internet 360

* Printer: HP Laser Jet Color, HP OfficeJet Pro L7590,

* Phone: No longer have a land line. Don't like magicJack. Prefer Skype. Cell is an LG Touch with internet enabled but I am thinking of getting an Android through Verizon.

* Mobile media: iPod 80GB video, iPod nano

* Music player: iPod

* Car audio: Have iPod attachment, but don't like the sound quality.

* eBook Reader: Kindle for the PC. Am considering an iPad.

* Browser: Firefox, have dabbled with Chrome. I've tried Bing and think it's terrible.

* Blog:

* RSS: Feedblitz distributes my blog. I read using MS Outlook's RSS options, my iGoogle page with Google Reader, Bloglines, and a variety of others to track the speed of distribution. Also like the Networked Blogs app on Facebook to auto-post my blog entries on my page.


* Text editor: MS Word 2007

* Graphics: Paint Shop Pro Photo X2

* Screen capture: Paint Shop Pro Photo X2

* Social media: Facebook for sure. Twitter occasionally, usually via TweetDeck (I talk too much to be limited in the number of characters I can send to the screen!) GenealogyWise not so much anymore.

* Social bookmarking:

* Social profile:

* URL shortener:

* Office suite: MS Office 2007 ultimate. Also dabbled with Open Office.

* E-mail: MS Outlook for my email, also several G-mail accounts.

* Calendar: MS Outline, synced with Google Calendar

* Accounting: Quicken

* PDF generator: Adobe Acrobat Pro

* Genealogy database: RootsMagic, though I have all of them, and transfer data between them for different reports.

* Genealogy tools: GenSmarts to help me think of where else to look.

* Other tech stuff: Audacity & Mixcraft and Logitec headset for producing podcasts; Google Earth, Magellan Roadmate with 7.5 inch screen for navigation and marking grave sites; Cannon PowerShot A630 8.0mega pizel, but I am thinking of a Cannon EOS digital SLR. to connect with my home computer while researching remotely. works more reliably than Skype & Yugma for the virtual presentations I've given. Yugma seems to lock up too frequently. is a fun diversion, where we do have detailed and informative genealogy chats several times a week.'s books are usually cheaper than you can purchase from the publisher -- also free shipping offers and quick 1-click ordering facilitate shopping.

* Non-Tech stuff: I like an old-fashioned black/white composition bound book to keep travel and research notes in the order they occur. I can easily transcribe to my ancestors' notes, etc. once I get settled. I've referred to these books when traveling the same road even a few years later.

What tools do you find useful in your research?

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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