Monday, August 09, 2010 acquires ProGenealogists

Gosh, this past Friday Ol' Myrt here innocently took one day off to do research at the National Archives, and some real news occurred. In an effort to beef up its Expert Connect department, has acquired the ProGenealogists research firm from Salt Lake City, Utah. When you look at the lineup of professional researchers associated with the firm, they include well-regarded names among published, certified and accredited genealogists. From the ProGenealogists online press room we read:

"We believe this new relationship sends a positive message to the genealogical community that professional research is a valued and much-needed skill. Our goal as an organization remains the same - we will continue helping reconnect families across generations as we have since we began ten years ago." Natalie Cottrill, President, CEO ProGenealogists, in An Expanded Vista for ProGenealogists.

Ol' Myrt here couldn't agree more. It concerns me that newbie researchers can go to genealogy websites and merely point and click to "acquire" ancestors, without a thought about proving the point. While Ancestry's Expert Connect  experts are undoubtedly professionally qualified, adding ProGenealogists staffers to the mix improves research capability tremendously. Those wishing to hire an expert to get around sticky wickets in ancestral research will now have more choices among experienced researchers to hire. is a great "doorway" for folks who might not otherwise hear about the ProGenealogists firm.

So this win-win among businesses is also a sure win for the client who takes advantage of Expert Connect to describe a specific research problem and hire a professional to do research.

Bravo to both companies.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
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