Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bookshelf: Approaching the Lectern

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Congrats to fellow Geneablogger Thomas MacEntee, whose newest book was just released today in digital format. I remember when we sat among friends at Salt Lake City's Z'Tejas  last January (before the Ancestry Bloggers' Summit) when the term "genealogy in HD" (high definition genealogy),  came to the forefront.

Now, Thomas has completed Approaching the Lectern: How to Become a Genealogy Speaker, putting to (er, um...)  paper his ideas about selling yourself, submitting proposals, creating handouts and actually giving a lecture. You'll find just enough pictures to illustrate his points without wasting space to fill up his book. From page 17 Thomas advises:

"Your audience wants real. What sets a good speaker apart from the rest of the crowd is the ability to speak from the heart and to be passionate about the subject."

Ol' Myrt here couldn't agree more. Though, I should quietly mention, genealogy audiences don't mind noms de plume for folks like Ancestry Insider, footnoteMaven, and yours truly. However, there is no question we each speak passionately about genealogy, so I think Thomas would approve.

Ol' Myrt here recommends Approaching the Lectern heartily as a guide for beginners as well as experienced genealogy speakers. Use the book as a checklist for each seminar on your calendar and you cannot go wrong with Thomas' advice.

Approaching the Lectern is very 21st century in that it is reasonably priced ($8.99) most likely due to its presentation in digital format at Lulu.com. It is a quick download, and your Adobe Acrobat Reader will permit you to save the file. I chose to keep the file in my DropBox genealogy folder, so I can refer to Thomas' ideas again and again. I especially like that .pdf files are every-word searchable, so I don't have to rely on chapter headings or an index to find what I'm wishing to review.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
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  1. Thanks so much for the kind words! Just like my presentations, this book too came from the heart - as I've traveled the country all summer attending genealogy conferences and expos, I talk with more and more folks who have been asked to speak for their church or local society and don't know how to get started!

  2. That's the wonderful part of our genealogy community -- the WILLINGNESS to SHARE and help the next person!

    AWESOME, Thomas!

    M :)