Monday, August 09, 2010

Google Books has Life Magazine 1936-1972

If you, like one of my DearREADERS, are looking for background info on life in the US in the 20th century, then you'll be thrilled by the Life Magazine collection at Google books. YUP! That's right -- over 1,860 issues covering the time period 1936-1972. Brandon Badger writes in the Inside Google Books blog:

"This is part of a broader effort across Google to help bring offline content online and allow people to find it with a simple Google web search. In addition to viewing these and other extraordinary photographs printed in the original issues of LIFE, you can also search and browse millions of individual photos produced by LIFE on Google Image Search. The LIFE photography collection on Google Image Search includes more than 10 million images, 97 percent of which were never published in the magazine. Both are blended into Google Web Search, so when you do a search from, you're also searching millions of images and thousand of magazine issues from LIFE.

To start your journey through history, hop on over to Google Books where you can browse through all the available issues of LIFE. Be sure to try out our recently launched Thumbnail View to see the layout of all the pages in the magazine."

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  1. Very cool! This is a great way to see what our ancestors were talking about at any point in history, and the photography is superb! I'm already on line in another window checking out photographs by John Dominis in "Life"