Saturday, August 28, 2010

Interviewing Elsie: plan c

(c) Elsie (Barks) Naylor, used with permission.
Working at Office Depot's self-service copy center was less than satisfactory yesterday. The machines were slo-o-ow (read that very slow). And as we thought about the image quality of the scanners at Walmart, we made a decision to purchase a scanner/copier/printer to do the job ourselves. We got one that is mid-sized, barely portable, but fast enough to do the job and do it well.

We've now copied the letters and scanned the photos from three of Elsie's Red Cross WWII binders.

But something happened yesterday I hadn't counted on. After we left Elsie, I realized what we did was important.

Our conversation wasn't one sided anymore. It was so relaxed, just like old times. Our friendship came shining through, despite the years apart. What a blessing. What a joy.

While we girls were sharing and giggling, Mr. Myrt was photocopying on our newly purchased all-in-one in the other room. He is a gem.

That's Ol' Myrt's Dad in those suspenders! 4 July2007.
Elsie asked me lots of questions about my daughters and grandchildren. I got on the internet, thanks to Mr. Myrt's Verizon wireless card, and showed her photos from my Facebook album, and those of my daughters. Elsie noticed how much like Carrie her children look and we giggled about some of my old-timey pictures I've been uploading of late. Looking at my sister's favorite picture of Dad prompted Elsie to recall when Dad and Blanche had visited our local PAF Users Group. She remarked how proud he was of my volunteer work there.

I had been so busy figuring out how to interview Elsie, but she in her gracious way turned the tables and interviewed me. It was a wonderful day!

Aren't conversations better than putting Elsie under a microscope and dissecting her life?

One of the good things about this visit is that I've come to appreciate my time with Elsie.

I also appreciate our friends Barbara and Johnny, who are supportive in every way.

I've also come to appreciate how much effort Elsie put into these binders years ago. It is making my job so much easier.

More later.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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  1. What a blessing, that your alternate plan has turned out to make your time with Elsie so joyful!
    And you are making such good use of newer technology (scanners) and opportunities (Facebook) while having a good time together and making more good memories. This is a lesson for us all - to slow down some even if we are feeling frantic to 'get all the information down'.
    (And I certainly agree - Mr Myrt sounds like a treasure.)