Friday, August 13, 2010

Kansas Memory

As we focused on my Salina and Cedar, Kansas ancestors while traveling in June, Mr. Myrt discovered the following website. (I just love it when he's right! It is so nice having a genealogist in the family.) You'd want to look for a website like this for the places where your ancestors once lived. Studying such sites goes a long way to developing an understanding of your ancestor in historical context.

The Kansas Memory website is the work of the Kansas Historical Society, where you'll find periodic blog entries, and a series of historical podcasts. Search the site, or a specific county and find such diverse records as:

A H Dnnn residence. From the Kansas Memory Project.

Just pray the genealogy and/or historical societies in your ancestors' areas are as diligent in providing scanned images of unique historical documents. Preservation is key, and making things available on the net is a great alternative to keeping things locked up for another century or two. Scanned images available online also meet the public access mandate of many governments.

If you have Kansas ancestry - enjoy Kansas Memory.

Happy family tree climbing!
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