Friday, August 13, 2010

RootsTech 2011: Call for Papers
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Its fascinating that FamilySearch, Brigham Young University, and other entities are coming together to sponsor a new concept RootsTech 2011 conference ~ not your usual genealogy conference.

At a media briefing that concluded a few minutes ago, Jim Ericson, of FamilySearch, described the typical attendee in the following categories:
  • power users of existing genealogy technology
  • folks who "wish" that technology could do this or that
  • innovators applying technology to genealogy
  • software programmers
  • online content providers
The hope is that the 1,000 to 1,200 anticipated attendees will gather at the north side of the Salt Palace, roll up their sleeves and figure out what's needed to expedite our research. Getting the movers and shakers together can increase understanding of how genealogists use technology; making it easier for technology providers to improve, tweak and otherwise meet or exceed expectations. Conversely, technology providers can ask experienced genealogy geeks "I'd like to create this -- would you use it?", and then gauge how useful the proposed product would be in the life of the average genealogist.

The emphasis will be on in-person discussions, but several sessions of the conference will be available through webinar technology.

Efforts to pull-in non-genealogy technology developers is underway.

The CALL FOR PAPERS is currently posted.

Ol' Myrt here applauds FamilySearch's efforts in creating this forum for discussion. The RootsTech annual conference is sure to be an integral component for developing innovative products and services for the genealogy community.

Happy family tree climbing!
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