Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Who Do You Think You Are? Season 2

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World's Largest Family History Web Site Continues Sponsorship of Critically Acclaimed TV Series That Takes a Personal Look at Celebrity Family Histories

PROVO, Utah, August 25, is pleased to announce it has extended its relationship with NBC for the second season of the “Who Do You Think You Are?” television series. worked with NBC on the first season of “Who Do You Think You Are?” that debuted in March 2010. The company provided important family history research for the show, including tracing the roots of the seven celebrities featured, and collaborated with NBC to promote the series. Each episode took one celebrity on an emotional, and often times soul-searching journey to discover the lives of family members who came before them.

“It is remarkable to work on this series with the leader in the online family history category,,” said Paul Telegdy, Executive Vice President of Alternative Programming & Production at NBC Universal. “A show of this caliber takes a lot of research and ground work to make the celebrities stories come to life. With the valued collaboration of, we’ve been able to tell seven amazing stories in the first season, and look forward to even greater family history discoveries to be uncovered in season two.”

 “We are excited to continue working with NBC on this series,” said Josh Hanna, Executive Vice President and Head of Global Marketing for “The first season of the show has truly elevated awareness around the family history category and we couldn’t be more pleased to be an integral part of a television series that brings excitement to the discoveries people can make when researching their ancestral roots.”

“Who Do You Think You Are?” is produced by Wall to Wall Entertainment in collaboration with Lisa Kudrow and Dan Bucatinsky for their production company, Is or Isn’t Entertainment. NBC has announced the show will air in the 2010-11 season. Inc. (Nasdaq: ACOM) is the world's largest online family history resource, with more than one million paying subscribers. More than 5 billion records have been added to the site in the past 13 years. Ancestry users have created more than 18 million family trees containing over 1.8 billion profiles. has local Web sites directed at nine countries, including its flagship Web site at


  1. I would be more impressed if "Ancestry.Com" were to trace the ancestry of common people and not celebrities. Number 1, They can afford to pay for it. Number 2, what they're not telling you is all those 5 billion records came from other FREE genealogy web sites that people contributed to, that bought out/merged with. They then increased the price of their subscriptions to the point that many people can no longer afford to search out their ancestors! Oh yeah, "Ancestry.Com" is just so peachy keen helping these 'stars' find their roots. Get the facts straight people. Accord praise where it's due! "Ancestry.Com" is nothing more than a common rip-off!
    My Opinion Counts!

  2. I have been doing genealogy for over 30 years and I am so glad to see this kind of public interest in the hobby. This series has so many of my friends and acquaintances talking about doing research who never had before!

    People love to hear the true stories of celebrities and this curiosity in turn generates interest in the John Q. Public person to begin his or her own genealogy. I love that this series is helping to make history and its event very real and personal for families.

    I have done family research on all the free sites and all the volunteer databases and message boards. Yes has benefited from being the archives of this information. Yes they have absorbed and purchased smaller companies and databases. I for one am relieved that my searches there are more consolidated into fewer sites and search engines.

    I have gotten more accomplished for my own family history, and for my family history students, with Ancestry in the last 5 years than I did in all the previous 25 doing it without them! I am a cheapskate on most things but is worth every penny. Bravo to them for sponsoring and aiding this television show to become series with a second season!

    I will be watching!
    Kathy Aho

  3. If you think is a rip-off, then don't join. I've gotten a lot of value for my money and access to records that were never free. While "common people" may not make for good television, each of us has a story and a history, and I'm happy to see people inspired by the show starting to do their own genealogy.

    When are we going to find out who Season 2 will cover?

  4. The fact that this show is popular obviously means that people are more interested. If more people sign up with, they are not just pocketing the profits, they are re-investing a lot of it into adding more records all the time... this means for the average researcher, the more people who sign up, the faster your own family history can be researched. I for one am glad that I don't have to do research throughout the country as well as UK records via snail mail... much of it has been put online, and for what is actually available, I think the price is very reasonable.

  5. is THE BEST! What some people don't realize is that LDS has been doing this type of research preservation for YEARS and a lot of information would have been lost to the ages if not for them. They have and continue to survey cemeteries all over the country without recompense! I have been a member for years and if not for them, I'd be NOWHERE in my research! The equipment they use is not cheap. I take great exception to the comments of "W". Try traveling across the country to some remote site in the hopes that they might have a tad of information for you... see how cheap that is.
    As far as who they select to trace, that is their business. I'm sure if they were profiling my family and made a big deal of my finding my GrGrGr Aunt Permelia, who would care? By highlighting "famous" people, it draws the interest not only of the person who is being profiled but inspires many to begin their own research.
    I thank EVERY DAY!