Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bookshelf: Tracing Your Mayo Ancestors 2nd edition

A Guide to Tracing Your Mayo AncestorsA few years back, Ol' Myrt had the privlege of interviewing Brian Smith, author of Tracing Your Mayo Ancestors. Now we find he has come out with an updated edition A Guide to Tracing Your Mayo Ancestors 2nd edition.

Brian explains the book "describes how to best use the records available, and where they can be accessed. For each type of record it provides background information on how they were compiled and what information was contained, and on which categories of people. It also provides background on the social history of County Mayo and how this history has affected the keeping and survival of records."

For more information, see Brian's website:

Interested researchers may order A Guide to Tracing Your Mayo Ancestors 2nd edition through and other online booksellers.

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  1. Interesting, I didn't realize that County Mayo had been singled out for a book. That's great news! I think this will have to be one for my bookshelf, as my husband has Irish roots from that county. I never really considered delving into Irish research at this point, but it would be wonderful to gain a little in-depth insight into the area and to see what would be available to find. Thanks for letting us know!