Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ancestral Quest new 12.1 build 26

NOTE from DearMYRTLE: The following was just in from our friends at Ancestral Quest. Please address all inquiries to Gaylon Findley at

We just released a new build of AQ 12.1. This is build 26.

This is a free update for those with AQ 12.0 or 12.1.

To get the build:

If you are using one of the recent builds of AQ which show the NewsLine,  get the update from the NewsLine window by clicking on the link. (If  your NewsLine window has closed for the day, you can view it again from
the Help menu of AQ.)

If you don't have the NewsLine window, go to AQ's 'Internet' menu
(between 'Tools' and 'Collaborate'). Select the option for "Check for
Latest AQ Release".

Below is the list of enhancements and bug fixes in build 26:

(Note to Family History Centers: The new build for Family History
Centers is not yet available -- we hope to make it available soon. If
you have an urgent need to upgrade to this build, contact me directly at

Gaylon Findlay
Incline Software

Changes in Build 26 (10/22/2010)
  General Enhancements
* Photos/Images: You can now view scrapbook photos and source images in
an external viewer. This will let you zoom and edit the photo. Enable
this feature either from the Scrapbook tab of Preferences, or from the
Scrapbook screen of AQ by checking the box for 'Use External Viewer'.

* AQ Newsline: Adjusted the new Newsline window so you could choose an
option to view it daily or weekly.

* Check/Repair: Check/Repair has been enhanced to find and fix more
items in both AQ and PAF databases.

* Translation to non-English Languages: Fixed some issues in the
Translation editing, and moved several text items to the translation

* Family View, Children List: The '*' which indicates a Christening date
rather than a birth date was too far separated from the date. Adjusted.
Also, if you displayed LDS ordinances for children, the birth date was
too crowded with these codes. Adjusted.

General Bug Fixes
*Search for Marriage Screen: If you edited a marriage while on this
screen, then looked at it again while on this screen, it would appear
that the marriage updates hadn't taken place. The marriage data now
refreshes properly.

* Custom Report: If you had saved a report definition, sometimes it
would not re-load properly, causing problems with the report. Fixed.

* Move Scrapbook Items: If you used this tool to update not only the
path of one folder, but the paths of all subfolders of that folder, the
subfolders were not properly adjusted. Fixed.

* Family Group Record: If you had set the event type of a custom event
to "Private", any event of that type should not print unless the private
flag was overridden for the event. This was not working. Fixed.

* Custom Event Sentences: When printing a book report or generating web
pages, and the sentence for the event used the ability to use a
different verb depending on whether the person was living or deceased,
AQ always used the deceased option. Fixed.

* Bookmarks: If you had defined some bookmards, then closed the file,
and after restarting AQ you used the shortcut to activate the bookmark
prior to viewing the list of bookmarks, AQ would give a warning message
and not activate the bookmark. Once you displayed the 'Search' menu, the
bookmark shortcuts would then work. Now you don't need to show the
'Search' menu prior to using keystrokes to go to the bookmarked individual.

* Startup: If you tried to open AQ, and a database was not initially
opened, and you had disabled the ability to show nFS data (this is a
very rare situation), AQ would crash. Fixed.

Enhancements to nFS Features
* Logging In: nFS now allows AQ to remember your ID and password. This
has been implemented.

* General Public: nFS is preparing to allow the general public to have
access. AQ has implemented the general login, so AQ is ready when nFS
allows public access.

* Pedigree View: links overlapped the nFS icons. Fixed.

* nFS Marriage Notes: The nFS API has a bug when retrieving marriage
notes. FamilySearch provided a work-around in the June release of nFS.
AQ now takes advantage of the work-around to better retrieve marriage
event notes from nFS.

* Combine Messages: Improved the messages given to the user when a
combine fails on nFS.

* LDS Ordinance Sync Screen: This screen (found when using the 'LDS'
button on the match screen, or the 'Ordinances' button on the ORTS
screens) now lets you update the local LDS Confirmation and Initiatory

* GEDCOM Export: If you downloaded LDS Confirmation and Initiatory
ordinances from nFS, then exported your data to a GEDCOM file, yet you
unchecked the option to include LDS data, these ordinances were still
exported. Fixed.

* Reports: If you print book reports (Modified Register/Ahnentafel),
FGRs or generate web pages, and you didn't want the LDS ordinances to
show, the new LDS Confirmation and Initiatory ordinances still showed.
These reports have been enhanced to treat these new events as LDS
events, and will not show when the option to show other LDS ordinances
is disabled.

* Reserve List: If you added someone to the reserve list (either from
your database, or an individual from nFS who was not in your database)
who was not linked to the corresponding nFS person, and you later linked
the person from some other screen, AQ will now acknowlege the link in
this screen.

*Reserve List: In the August 2010 release of nFS, FamilySearch
introduced a bug in the API that AQ uses to get the complete reserve
list. This made it so that AQ could no longer reload portions of the
reserve list using either the 'Reconcile' button of the 'Manage Batches'
screen, or the 'Add All Reserved Records' to AQ's reserve list. AQ has
been enhanced to work around this bug in nFS.

* Create Batches/Reserve Ordinances Screen: Added a progress bar when
groups of records are being processed.

* Possible Problems Report: If you added LDS Confirmation or Initiatory
events to individuals, this report would most likely flag these as
problems. These events are no longer checked for the problem report.

Bug Fixes to nFS Features
* Marriage Event Notes: If you added a note to a marriage event on the
nFS side of the spouse/children Sync screen, it didn't add to nFS. Fixed.

* nFS Notes: If you loaded notes/sources for nFS parents, then closed
the event screen and reopened it, you'd have to load the notes/sources
again. Fixed.

* nFS Dates: If a date came from nFS in the format of 'YYYYMMDD' (ie
18661101), and if you had your preferences set to European date entry,
the date would be interpreted as 'YYYYDDMM' (ie Jan 11 1866 rather than
Nov 1 1866). Fixed.

* ORTS Review Batch Screen: If a card was associated with a person whose
individual ordinances were not done, but the Seal to Spouse was
completed, the card could not be reprinted. Fixed.

* LDS Ordinance Sync Screen: This screen (found when using the 'LDS'
button on the match screen, or the 'Ordinances' button on the ORTS
screens) had a bug wherein if you had an nFS parent set with only one
parent, then tried to select that set of parents, AQ would crash. Fixed.

* Family Sync Screen: If you added parents from your local file who were
already linked to nFS parents, after the child was linked in nFS to the
existing parents, as AQ tried to also add the marriage event, AQ would
crash. Fixed.


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