Friday, October 15, 2010

Blog Action Day 2010 Water

Thousands of bloggers world-wide are joining together to share their thoughts about WATER today. If you've got a blog and would care to join, you'll find info here. Ol' Myrt would like to chime in with her opinions.

When I was young, drinking water was taken for granted in the Laurelhurst lake-front property where I grew up. We enjoyed plenty of fresh water from the mountains surrounding Seattle. Mom had a Kitchen-Aid automatic dishwasher (quite modern in the 1950s) and we enjoyed water sports on Lake Washington all summer long. For a time in my young adulthood the lake became polluted as people weren't careful what they put down the storm drains ~ oil, left over paint, insecticides, etc. But the Lake was blessed with a forward-thinking community that spent years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to clean it up. Now every storm drain around Lake Washington has a label warning folks that the lake is downstream from this storm drain. Isn't it amazing what smart folks can do working together to protect our precious environment?

As I've grown older, and travel more, I find I have issues about water, as each destination has different quality water sources. I usually waste a day or two being sick until I get adjusted. Even bottled sodas have use water from a variety of sources, but they are at least slightly more reliable on my aging sensitive system than ordering a fountain drink where the soda syrup is mixed with local tap water as the drink is dispensed in my cup.

So, of necessity, for a few years I became dependent on bottled water, until I realized the bottles were clogging up our landfills. So at both our homes we use Brita Water Filters. (I'm still not perfect at remembering to fill up the Brita pitcher.) But that doesn't help during the thousands of miles we spend each year traveling the US for genealogy conferences and onsite research.

This past September, I stumbled across an affordable (!) portable solution at the LDS Distribution Center when we visted there with our friend Jody.

You may already know about the Seychelle Waterfiltration bottles, but it's news to Ol' Myrt here.

My committment is:
  • Cut my bottled water consumption 3/4 using the Seychelle system.
  • Limit purchase of bottled water to unusual or extreme situations.
  • Limit purchase of bottled water to those with eco-friendly bottling.
I hope this is doing my part to live green.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
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