Thursday, October 21, 2010

Blogging for Beginners ~ archived webinar available

Thanks to our friends at Legacy Family Tree, last night's BLOGGING FOR BEGINNERS webinar is now available in the archives at

Geoff will be sending me the balance of the questions posed by attendees so that Ol' Myrt here can incorporate those into an upcoming blog entry. As it was, the Q&A portion of the webinar extended the presentation to about 90 minutes.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
Your friend in genealogy.


  1. Thanks so much for a wonderful webinar. I learned so much. I am teaching a beginning blog class next week (the way to learn about a subject is to teach it)and you really help me get my feet on the ground. You are an awesome lady!

  2. This was a great webinar - the first I've ever attended. I learned a lot and will be starting my own blog soon. One question I have - can we cut and paste from old newspapers and post on our blog? I found an article (with picture) from 1942 I just love and don't know if I can use it.

  3. The best guideline is to remember that pPre-1923 material is generally out of copyright. You can quote and reference other items, but make sure:

    -- The quote isn't over a few sentences.
    -- You give proper source citations.
    -- You provide the hyperlink to the online version wherever available. (For instance, when quoting a book, link to it at or Google Books. This will also serve to extend your readers' research experience.)

    For anything later you should obtain the copyright holder's permission.

    In the case of a compiled family history, for your personal use, you can include the article. You are then not robbing the copyright holder of any profit from his work.

    BOTTOM LINE: Always give credit where credit is due.

  4. Hello Myrte -
    I just wanted to let you know that I spent ALL day Sunday and into the wee hours of Monday morning creating my Blog. The name of the Blog is Linking Abrahams Offspring and is found in blog spot as you taught. The purpose of the blog is to LINK together people with my same surname(s). As I have only been doing genealogy actively for about 3 years, I have noticed a trend called - DEAD END!

    I have loved researching my ancestors and am completely addicted to this new hobby. My family does not get dinner and my husband goes to bed alone – sorry Dan –but I love it! My father and grandfather however do not speak much - okay – any, of our extended family. However genealogy has a weird impact on me, the more research I complete - the more family I want to know! I have however found one similar key element to all the other researchers I have contacted with the same Surnames as mine as I search for family ties, we are ALL at a DEAD END and none of us seem to link. I can wallpaper a room with the amount of email replies I have received that all ended with the same words - "no connection”.

    Really - how could that be, we all have the same last name! Thinking logically - I decided to STOP SAYING NO CONNECTION - we must have a connection - somewhere! So I put together a Blog to allow people with the same Surnames that I am researching to Connect. Maybe if we stop saying no connection and looking at our genealogy as half empty - and begin saying - "Where is the connection - there must be one somewhere", and looking at our genealogy as half FULL, then I believe the connection will be found! This idea may be naive - but I am sticking to it!!!

    I would love it when you have time if you would look at my Blog and give me a pointer or two. I have changed it several times in the last 48 hours and am happy to make changes for improvement. I have already had 19 people email me and have posted their information and had 3 more today! Every comment I have had so far is upbeat, supportive and actually glad that the resource to Connect our family tree's exists. This being only in my immediate last name - Adelman, as I have not notified any of the other Surnames that I am researching of the existence of the blog yet - I want to work out the "bugs" first!

    Thank you for the class and the beginning of another time consuming hobby – Blogging!
    Carole Adelman Garber

  5. During the Webinar you mentioned RSS feed. Under the time constraints of the Webinar, I was not clear on what this is. I understand it may be how a Blog is "communicated", however after speaking with a friend who has a family blog, she said that she gets an email each time something is posted and it has a tag of "RSS feed". Can you please clarify what this is. Kind Regards-Carole

  6. As you review the webinar, you'll see a slide that explains how each blog has its unique syndication code. RSS = Really Simple Syndication. That code is picked up by whatever RSS feed reader one elects to use.

    In my presentation, I used the example of Google Reader and subscribing to Mark Tucker's Think Genealogy Blog without needing to know the technical RSS feed code. I merely typed in the URL where Mark's blog exists, and Google Reader searched for the RSS code and offered me the option to subscribe to the blog's feed.

    Your friend has chosen to use an email feed reader service, perhaps similar to the Feedblitz option I mentioned is available for my blog.

    In addition, blog owners may specify which of their email addresses to receive comments to blog entries. I do this as part of the approval process for screening comments.

    For a more technical description of RSS, see wikipedia:

  7. Ol' Myrt here forgot to mention, that although I do offer the more "old-fashioned" email subscription alternative, I do not recommend subscribing to blogs via email unless it is an online email service such as GMail, Yahoo or some such. (I should mention that feeds to my Yahoo account are always about 2-4 hours later than the same posting appearing in Google Reader. I do subscribe to my own blog in a variety of formats just to test out this sort of thing.)

    As we move to cloud computing, our work will not be dependent on a specific computer. We'll just sign in through any computer with internet access to read our email and blog feeds.

    Best of luck, Carole.