Saturday, October 02, 2010

Posting Comments on DearMYRTLE's Blog

Ol' Myrt here has received a number of comments posted under her original blog entry titled Being Politically Correct: What should we do as family historians. Then this came to me via email from a good friend in Maryland who was apparently having trouble using the "new" method of communicating with Ol' Myrt here. Dolly wrote:

Hello, DearMyrt. I can't figure out how to post a comment on your online blog, so sending this by email.

Transcribe word-for-word. Anything else is Political Correctness, being "polite." In your foreword, say you've transcribed just as the letter, etc., was written, and "Jap" is what people said then, including newspaper headlines (you can look it up!) Derogatory terms for "other" races and nationalities run throughout the history of our nation -- and many centuries before that. Betcha the Cro-Magnons and Neanderthals had ugly words for "the other." Cheers, Dolly in Maryland

So, DearDOLLY, this blog's for you!

Here are step-by-step directions for posting a comment on DearMYRTLE's blog:

1.  Using Google Reader, view the feed for the blog entry in question. Then DOUBLE CLICK on the blue title of the blog entry to be taken from Google Reader to the original location of the DearMYRTLE's blog entry. (The options are similar for other blog readers, where there is a link back to the original blog entry.)

2. Once you are at the DearMYRTLE's Genealogy Blog site, you'll see the original blog entry in question (not necessarily my most recent post) at the top of the screen as shown below.

3. Scroll down to click on the word COMMENT below Ol' Myrt's signature to open the comment dialog box as shown below. If other comments have been approved, you may not need to click COMMENT to open this dialog box. It will merely be at the bottom of all the previous comments.

4. Type your comment and then select your profile, by clicking the down arrow button to see the list, as shown below:

5. If you have a Google Account  (which you would have IF you use Google Reader) then select that "Google Account" option. You may be asked to log in to your Google Account.

6. Google will ask you to confirm that you are a person and not a spam-producing computer, by having you decipher a set of crooked letters, such as "matmes" as shown below:

7. Once you've successfully typed the odd letters, click the POST COMMENT button. The next screen will indicate your comment will go live following blog owner approval. (That's me!) Note that the comment screen appears blank, but the YELLOW HIGHLIGHTED text below indicates the comment you just posted is ready for approval.

Now you just have to pray that Ol' Myrt here isn't stuck on the north rim of the Grand Canyon with very poor internet access. I do try to keep on top of the comments, as I believe this interactive option is an important contribution to the refinement of our research skills.

Dolly, I hope this takes some of the mystery out of commenting on Ol' Myrt's blog entries in the future.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
Your friend in genealogy.


  1. I would like to add a few suggestions for Dolly and anyone else who has had trouble posting a comment.

    Internet Explorer must be used (I couldn't post using Firefox) and you must click the "Preview" button to get the "matmes" block to open up. I hope this helps.

  2. After reading Lynn's comment I thought I'd see whether I could post a comment using Firefox. If this appears... it worked!