Monday, November 01, 2010

Atlanta GA: FHExpos Twitter suggestions

THANK heavens, the folks at Family History Expos have fully embraced social networking as evidenced by these suggestions for those who plan to use Twitter during the 2-day genealogy conference.

Family History Expos encourages the use of Twitter at Expos. Use the hashtag #fhexpo and give credit when tweeting others’ information. Suggested format for tweeting:

• #fhexpo #genealogy Atlanta Family History Expo sponsored by Family History Expos and others.

• #fhexpo #genealogy Presenter name, class title

• #fhexpo #genealogy Information on a point being made

• #fhexpo #genealogy Helpful or new URL being discussed

• #fhexpo #genealogy Questions or comments made by attendees in class

• Your personal thoughts about what is being presented

• Follow Friday with the Twitter ID’s of Bloggers of Honor, vendors, or presenters

So hurry and register for the Family History Expo 12-13 Nov 2010 at the Gwinnett Center, 6400 Sugarload Parkway, Duluth, Georgia 30097.

Ol' Myrt will spend the better part of each day in the exhibit hall in the "BLOGGERS OF HONOR" (Booth#'s 605, 606, 607) area ready to help you set up your own blog, or learn new tricks to customize your blog.

Call 801-829-3295 to register by telephone. Click here for details.
See you in Atlanta!

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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  1. Yes, we encourage the use of social media as a means of sharing information during our expos. Our social media policy is featured in the program each attendee will receive at the Atlanta Family History Expo.

    We also want your blog readers to know that we have several classes for social media beginners to learn how to use Twitter, Facebook, blogs and more for genealogy.

    Looking forward to seeing you and everyone at the Atlanta Family History Expo!