Friday, November 26, 2010

Giving thanks

This is my favorite time of year. The frosty mornings and early nightfall naturally bring folks closer to hearth and home. This Thanksgiving finds us at Gordon's sister's home in Ohio, where extended family shares food, fun, and photos from the intervening months since last we met. Then there are the marathon video games while others moan and groan over their favorite football team's latest antics.

All too quickly, we'll pack up and leave for Christmas with the grandchildren out west. They've told me there are already several inches of snow on the ground. Thank heavens I can keep busy in the kitchen frosting cookies and heating up spiced apple juice to warm tiny hands chilled from an afternoon of sledding.

I am so THANKFUL my daughters make it easy for me to be a gramma. When I call to speak with one of the kids, I'll hear their mothers say "Guess what?! Gramma's on the phone! She wants to talk with you!" With an introduction like that, who needs Ed McMahon?

THANK heavens Carrie has continued to recover from her car accident. Here's a pic of the Keele family after Taylor had completed his half-marathon in the central Utah desert.

The Warnick family has grown by leaps and bounds this past year. I don't know how Stacey and Steve keep up with four active boys.

In case you can't tell, Tammy has excelled as a Master Gardner, and this year her writing career has really taken off. She and Jeff love to fish and enjoy the outdoors. Aren't they a cute couple?

Mr. Myrt and I have had a ball crisscrossing the country, doing that on-site genealogy research in libraries and courthouses where microfilming or digitizing crews haven't yet done their thing.

I am thankful for a genealogist husband -- someone who understands why we need to scan Elsie's WWII letters and photos; who helps order manuscript files at the state historical society; and who totally gets that traipsing through an old cemetery is the perfect way to spend a late summer afternoon.

Here we are at the Cozy Inn, a teeny, tiny hamburger joint in Salina, Kansas. People come in and order 36 and 48 of the mini-burgers to go. (We can barely manage 5 between the two of us!) There are perhaps six bar stools at the counter, and the entire thing would fit in a single-wide trailer.

My mind can just imagine my Salina ancestors stopping by back in the 1920s. The owner says the cabinets are original to the facility. I remember Grandma Myrtle's house in Puyallup, Washington had painted wood cabinets like this with those metal twist latches on the lower doors. The upper doors had clear glass insets, with small clear glass knobs.

My plan in the coming months is to show gratitude every day ~ gratitude for health and strength, the love of family, the joy of friendship, and all sorts of tools and resources for discovering more about our ancestors.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
Your friend in genealogy.


  1. Love you Mom! Missed you yesterday, but excited to see you soon!!! ;)

  2. Great post! I can just feel the joy you have from being a grandma.

  3. /wave Myrtle,I am in Ohio all the time not just for a Holiday visit..I have been reading your articles for many years,started reading over on Rootsweb I do believe? Maybe not,I have been so many places in the years of searching,I may have lost track of..what?Oh yes,anyway.I thoroughly enjoy your writing,good hunting to yo and yours.

  4. YES, initially DearMYRTLE was in the AOL Genealogy Forum. When Al Gore invented the internet I ventured out on the web, and had a DearMYRTLE mailing list at RootsWeb.

    Now Ol' Myrt here loves the blog format, as one can include pictures, clickable hyperlinks, bulletted lists and such, making an article soooo much easier to read in blog format.

    Thanks for hanging in there all these years, Jennifer. Hopefully we've both learned something about how to do genealogy research!

    Myrt :)

  5. Ahh AOL,that's where it was I started,the chat room for quite a while was the place to be.Ruth-Anne and... well the other names escape me,but many hours(months) spent there,good memories.I was Jennife220,stumbling my way around the forum.Good times to remember.Makes me want to see if I can track anybody down from then.