Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Memorial Footprints for tombstones

NOTE from DearMYRTLE: The following was just received from our friends at Timeless Footsteps (tm). Please address all inquiries to thansen@timelessfootsteps.com.

Memorial Footprints™ Connect You to Your Ancestors from the Cemetery to Cyberspace
PHOENIX – Nov. 8, 2010 – Timeless Footsteps™ announced today a new way for families to extend family history research from the cemetery to cyberspace.

Memorial Footprints™ are a business card-sized plaque that can be affixed to headstones or other memorials. Leveraging the latest scanning technology, visitors to the memorial can scan the Footprint with a smart phone or other Web-enabled device to access a Web page with additional information on the deceased individual.

“My wife and I were visiting the grave site of an ancestor and looked at the birth and death dates with a dash between them,” said Trevor Hansen, president and founder of Timeless Footsteps. “We commented that we wished we had a way to share all that was really contained in that dash between the dates. That’s what got me thinking about a way to leverage today’s technological capabilities to connect to the Internet from individual memorials.”

Each Memorial Footprint includes a unique Quick Response (QR) code associated with a Web page. Owners of the Footprint can put photos, biographies, other Web links, and associated information on the page, allowing anyone who scans the Footprint to get additional information about the deceased individual.

“In addition to creating an instant connection to ancestors for family members, Footprints allow family history enthusiasts who are researching the same family line to quickly and easily connect,” Hansen said. “Even people who are not avid genealogists can appreciate sharing the memories of their loved ones by placing a Footprint at their grave sites.”

Footprint Web pages include a biography, biographical data and photos of the deceased, as well as connections to social networking pages such as Facebook and Twitter. This information is provided and updated by the owner of the Footprint and can be customized according to their needs. Premium options are available to include a more extensive biography, additional photos, videos, and links to blogs and other websites.

“I love knowing that my mother’s memory is more than just a piece of stone in a cemetery,” said Karen Hunsaker of Phoenix, Arizona. “Anyone who connects to our Footprint page can see the rich life she lived. And by sharing the Web site with others, they can virtually visit her memorial online even if they live hundreds of miles from the cemetery.”

Footprints are available immediately from the Timeless Footsteps website at www.timelessfootsteps.com.  Each Footprint comes with a business card-sized plaque, a dedicated Web page, and adhesive to affix the plaque to any memorial surface. Prices start at $49.95. Footprints will also be on display at the Atlanta Family History Expo (November 12-13, 2010) at special prices for exhibit visitors.

About Timeless Footsteps
Timeless Footsteps was founded to help individuals, families and organizations connect to their loved ones. Using the latest scanning technology to connect to the Internet from grave sites and memorials, Timeless Footsteps helps people honor the lives of their loved ones with more than just a dash between birth and death dates.

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