Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Two new genealogy blogs - Linda Woodward Geiger

Linda's proud grandparents.
It is always a great day when Ol' Myrt here can spotlight a new genealogy blog. Now my friend Linda Woodward Geiger has come up with two (count 'em!) two blogs. Linda writes "Thanks to your inspiration via your blog webinar and a little reading and studying on my part, I think I've got it."

YES, Linda, you've got it! You've done what we geneabloggers encourage all genealogists to do -- use free internet web resources to build a blog with postings to honor your ancestors.

In her Musings By Linda Blog, Linda's most recent posting spotlights a simple thing -- the purchase of a New Car by her grandfather by including not only the scanned image of the happy couple in front of their new purchase, but the scanned image of the bill of sale. Interesting to note that the car was delivered on April 22nd, but was paid on 2 May 1930 by a check dated May 1st. Lending cars on approval may have been the norm back then, but in the early 21st century, only one desperate car company advertises this added service. 

A review of the November postings in Linda's other genealogy blog titled Woodward Research Blog, you'll find documents collected during Linda's family history research of WWII draft registration cards, and a tribute to her veteran relatives, a newspaper clipping, and the scanned image of a marriage record. The copy of the latter was certified 31st January 1996 by the Registrar of Vital Records & Statistics, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, No. F 0009809 for Oscar H. Woodward and Sara Waddell whose wedding which took place on 28 Sept 1907, with the record filed 1 October 1907. Another researcher has submitted typed transcripts of two newspaper entries mentioning Woodward family members.

As Linda transcribes each document posted on her genealogy blogs, the text is then every-word searchable by internet search engines, so other Woodward family researchers will be able to find Linda's work. This greatly increases the chances of Linda discovering a distant relative to share research and documents.

Genealogists don't live in a vacuum. If we attempt to hold it all close to the vest, we are only shooting ourselves in the foot. Some of the greatest breakthroughs Ol' Myrt here has ever made have come because another researcher shared his findings with me.

Bravo to Linda, and others like her who are establishing blogs to chronicle research challenges and to honor their ancestors.

PS - You can still catch the Blogging for Beginners Webinar through the 20th of November at the Legacy Family Tree website.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
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  1. Thanks for the links to Linda's blogs. I also just listened to your webinar - lots of great advice on starting a blog, which I wish I had known when I started! Look forward to the next one :-)