Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Briefing from

According to Senior Product Manager Robert Kehrer, developers test its website on Mac, Windows and Linux platforms using the following web browsers:

  • Mac – Firefox, Safari & Chrome
  • Windows – Internet Explorer (9, 8 and 7), Chrome, Safari and Firefox
  • Linux - Firefox
Robert spoke earlier today to a group of genealogy bloggers about the website released yesterday.

FamilySearch Public Affairs Manager Paul Nauta made references to an online “digital microfilm reader” becoming available in the future, allowing to view a microfilm that has been digitized but hasn’t been indexed. He also mentioned there are 15 microfilm digitizing machines running in the vault right now.

Regarding online ordering of microfilm for delivery to a patron’s local Family History Center, Robert explained that a component to alert the online ordering patron when the film is already available online is being developed. This must be in place before online ordering of non-digitized film can move out of testing for public use.

Ol’ Myrt asked how source citations are to be incorporated into saved or printed copies of images on FamilySearch. Robert explained they are working on a component to be added to FamilySearch that will address this challenge.

The hour spent with FamilySearch today was well-organized and informative. The combination of a PowerPoint-type presentation and a live demo of the new site was effective. Jim Ericson did a fine job moderating the chat room during the gathering.

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  1. I was unable to make this session today - I really appreciate you giving everyone the recap!

  2. Nice to be where the action is. Thanks for sharing.