Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fixable maps at MapQuest

How many times have you become hopelessly lost despite that darned Garmin?  (Read "Garmin" as a generic for any mapping software on or offline). In my case, there are a lot of major route changes in Virginia on I-95 395 and 495 near our home in Alexandria. Last time I trusted the Magellan to guide me to Lowe's for a few nuts and bolts, I was routed to roads that had been obliterated by road building changes completed while Mr. Myrt and I traveled to genealogy conferences over the summer and fall.

Thanks to Kevin Purdy at Lifehacker for posting MapQuest Offers Maps and Directions You Can Fix.

Our other home out west has been here for three years and yet the nearest address on any digital map is a block away. I guess that's what Ol' Myrt here gets for being the last house on a short block, where the desert is the next address of record.

A "fixable" map is a GREAT way to send out driving directions to our holiday guests, since our home in Utah still isn't on any map of the world, digital or otherwise. (Well, the property tax folks know where to find us!) Since last summer, two new roads and three stop lights have been added, plus there is one road that has been closed off into a dead end.

Check out Kevin's blog entry for more of the story, and then take another look at MapQuest.

Happy family tree climbing!
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