Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Legacy 7.5 receives FamilySearch Certifications

NOTE from DearMYRTLE: Happy to learn more about version 7.5 from our friends at LegacyFamilyTree.com, reproduced partially here with permission. Please address all inquiries to Geoff@LegacyFamilyTree.com.

Legacy 7.5 receives FamilySearch certifications - to be released January 17, 2011

Legacy Family Tree 7.5 has now received official FamilySearch certification in four new categories and will be available as a free update for both Standard and Deluxe edition users on Monday, January 17, 2011.
For years, FamilySearch has worked on developing a web application for researchers to be able to interact with a very large, unified database of connected genealogical information. This new system is being released in phases - first for members of the LDS church while it is tested and perfected, and then to the public. This new database, commonly known as "New FamilySearch" is the database with which Legacy 7.5 will interact. All other databases, including the new Historical Records, Family Trees, and Library Catalog are currently open to everyone at www.FamilySearch.org.

Who should install this update?
Everyone. Although the only major new feature in the 7.5 update will be the addition of more new FamilySearch integration tools, there will be dozens of minor additions and fixes for everyone. However, gaining access to the new FamilySearch databases requires an account. Currently, registering for a new account is restricted to members of the LDS church.

New FamilySearch Certifications
  • Sync - ability to keep FamilySearch family tree current with Legacy's information for selected persons and information (optional - you do not have to share anything if you do not desire)
  • Update - publish to new.familysearch.org family tree. Also includes request to combine matched individuals (also optional)
  • Ordinance Reservation (LDS-specific) - identify persons needing ordinances, prepare for Ordinance Request, and check for duplicate ordinances
  • Ordinance Request (LDS-specific) - request ordinances in order to print the ordinance cards
Previous FamilySearch Certifications
  • Access - search and read new.familysearch.org family tree
  • Print - print multiple reports and charts using online data from FamilySearch
  • Ordinance Status (LDS-specific) - read and display ordinance status information
  • PAF Import - PAF data can be imported into Legacy for use in the tree
We also expect to be certified in the "Helper" category for this update.

Register for our Legacy-FamilySearch webinars
As part of the Arizona Family History Expo in January we are teaching two classes about Legacy and its new FamilySearch tools. These classes will also be broadcast to a live webinar audience. Registration is free but space is limited.
  • Improving Your Use of New FamilySearch: Data Cleanup Strategies, Friday, January 21, 201
  • New FamilySearch Made Easy with Legacy Family Tree, Saturday, January 22, 2011

What's New
View Geoff's original blog entry to see screen shots of what's new.

What will Legacy 7.5 cost?
Nothing. Legacy 7.5 will be a free update to Legacy 7.0 or 7.4. When it is available, all you will need to do is download and install the update as you usually install Legacy updates. The new FamilySearch integration tools will be available as part of both the Standard (free) and Deluxe editions of Legacy.

When will Legacy 7.5 be released?
On January 17, 2011. Watch the Legacy Family Tree blog at http://news.legacyfamilytree.com for the announcement, or simply check the Updates section on the Legacy Home tab inside Legacy 7.

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  1. It's Monday the 17th and I haven't heard anything about 7.5 being released yet.

    Has anyone been able do download the new version?