Tuesday, December 28, 2010

MyHeritage: Personalized Family Memory Game

NOTE from DearMYRTLE: The following was just received from our friends at MyHeritage. Please address all inquiries to MyHeritage.com's Chief Genealogist, Daniel Horowitz, daniel@myheritage.com. You can bet Ol' Myrt will have fun playing this with the grandchildren when some come to spend the night on Thursday evening.

Online family tree game makes family history engaging for the entire family

London, England & Tel Aviv, IsraelDecember 28, 2010 - MyHeritage.com, the most popular family network on the web, today released a new online family memory game, as a fun and free way to create cross-generational interest in family history.

“The new game makes family history more fun and engaging for the whole family”, said Daniel Horowitz, Chief Genealogist at MyHeritage.com. “It’s a prime example of the free, innovative and user friendly products available on MyHeritage.com, which demonstrate our leadership in bringing family history to the masses.”

Play online at MyHeritage.com with your own family tree data.

The game, one of the first ever online family tree games, automatically generates beautiful personalized picture cards of close relatives and ancestors - based on each user’s family tree. Following the same rules as a typical memory card game, users can play online against other family members, or solo against the clock. With a webcam option, players can even include a live picture of themselves in one pair of the cards – providing added entertainment particularly for younger players. 

The game is recommended for all users with a family tree that features photos of relatives. Click here to view an image of the game.

Played by the young and old alike, the game is ideal for educating the younger generation about their ancestors and introducing them to genealogy as a hobby. Families who enjoy the online version of the game can order the actual printed cards from MyHeritage.com for playing on-the-go – such as on holiday travels and at family reunions. This is made possible through MyHeritage.com’s new partnership with AncestryGames.com, with a deck of handmade personalized cards available from as little as $20 (plus shipping). The printed cards feature up to 30 relatives of a user’s choice (totalling 60 cards) and include additional information on birth dates and locations of relatives listed in the family tree.

About MyHeritage.com:
MyHeritage.com is the most popular family network on the web. Millions of families around the world enjoy having a private place for their families to keep in touch. MyHeritage.com’s Smart Matches™ technology empowers users with an exciting and innovative way to find relatives and explore their family history. With all family information stored in a secure site, MyHeritage.com is the ideal place to share family photos, and celebrate and preserve special family moments. With 650 million profiles, 16 million family trees, and available in 36 languages, MyHeritage.com is nurturing family relationships and uniting families worldwide. For more information please visit www.myheritage.com

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