Tuesday, December 28, 2010

NARA: Locked bags now required of Archives I & II researchers

Ol' Myrt's 21 Nov 2010 blog entry titled What I learned at the NARA users group meeting Friday mentioned the use of lockable, zippered "green bags" will extend to all researchers using the NARA I and NARA II facilities in the DC-metro area, once the order for additional bags arrives. Now comes news that the new policy went into effect yesterday.

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NARA's Locked Bags for All announcement.
Customer Services Division - Dec 2010
Locked Bags for All!

Beginning December 27, 2010 all researchers will be required to use locking bags for removing reproductions, personal notes, and other papers from the Research Center.

All researchers are required to have staff inspect their personal property before they exit each Research Room (RR). This procedure makes mandatory the voluntary inspection and bagging of the papers of researchers that has been available for the past 4 years. We are making the use of the document security bags mandatory in an effort to tighten records security procedures throughout the entire research complex.

For more information on what must be placed in the locked security bags, see NARA's official announcement.

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  1. Based on this kind of information, I have little desire to ever try to visit one of these facilities.

  2. Researching original document files at the National Archives has proved fruitful and emotional, as much was found there not available elsewhere.

    To me, the more important questions is what measures are being taken to "spot check" the large satchels most Archives I employees carry in and out without anything more than a nod from the security guards. There is a history of employees stealing documents, but in my opinion the employees union has lobbied against the intrusion.

    It is bad when a few rotten apples spoil the barrel, but this is life.

  3. Anything which preserves the records is a good thing I think, even if it causes some minor inconvenience. There are different rules for each repository that I visit in Edinburgh - no bags allowed, see through polythene bags only, no bags bigger than a certain size, no outdoor clothing etc. It would be helpful if all the regulations were the same!